3 orange boxes (reveal!)

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  1. Two smaller boxes arrived in December but the slightly larger one arrived yesterday:smile:

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  2. :popcorn:
  3. Got your Shawl? How lucky you are!!:dothewave:
  4. YEA! Hoping up and down with the news! :heart:

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures!
  5. a live one!
  6. Let's open up the two smaller boxes, shall we?!
  7. Good things also come in small packages!
    - especially orange packages!
  8. OMG, it is finally here. Please model your beautiful shawl for us please. :love:
  9. The smallest box came all the way from Japan and I used the "shopping service" on www.celga.com:tup: to get it.
  10. I am ready :whistle::popcorn:
  11. This is what was inside:heart:

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  12. Oh, you got the heart charm. Great find!!!
  13. Box number two contains something orange...
  14. i put on my new glasses for this!!!! yeah!
  15. Wow, I love this heart key chain