3 New Bags and a 4th on its way!

  1. I mentioned in previous posts that I have stuff shipped to a friend, who boxes it up in bulk and then sends it to me outside of the US! Well, my box arrived today!!!!!!

    I have a new:
    1) Luella Suzi tote in brick red
    2) Luella Gisele (I think it's the regular size) in black
    3) MJ Venetia in Cherry Blossom (purchased from Cat)

    They are all in perfect condition... I am sooooooo happy, it's like Christmas! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    I know Luella may not be hot anymore, but I don't care! I love how thick the leather is and I love the classic-shape-but-with-a-twist thing she has going on (at least with these styles). The Venetia has great leather too, sooooo soft! And such a lux interior!

    (But DH left the camera in the office, so these are taken with a phone camera.)

    And one more on its way, a tan coach shoulder bag from Wickedassin.
    Image(07).jpg Image(08).jpg Image(09).jpg
  2. congrats, minicoop! lovely bags! if this is like christmas to you, birthdays must be even better!
  3. I love those Luella Giselle bags!
  4. Congrats,looks like you hit the jackpot :biggrin: .
  5. Congrats on your purchases! It's like Christmas, but only early! Enjoy all of them!
  6. Congrats on your lovely bags, especially the MJ.

    Cat, never EVER change your avatar, please :biggrin:
  7. Congrats, minicoop! You must be in bag heaven, lol! Ahh, love the brick red Luella Suzi tote.
  8. Wow, quite a collection! They are beautiful, love the brick red!
  9. By the way, the Suzi tote is heeeeaavy! Suede interior I guess and the leather is heavy itself. But I still love it. And it is made in spain. But no worries on the authenticity cause it is from Neiman Marcus...
  10. Congrats! And when you get my Coach--it'll be mini-Christmas! Btw, the package was delivered to your friend--so you should be getting it soon!!!!
  11. Congrats. Enjoy all your bags
  12. Wowzers! 4 bags at once, I wouldn't know what to do with myself, I'd have to carry them ALL AT ONCE!! Enjoy!!!!
  13. the luella gisele is fab!
  14. Like you, I still like the Luella Gisele. Enjoy your bags!!
  15. Love your Gisele! Congrats!