3 new accessories to add to my growing collection!

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  1. Well, every since joining TPF I have been overcome with a LV obsession. I can never have too much and my DBF gets mad at me over it. I just can't stop. In the last month I have purchased the Trunks&Bags Mini Accessories Pouch, Mono Eugenie Wallet, and Rose Koala Agenda :heart:. I love each one. Can't wait to get more.. Already plotting my next purchase :graucho:

    A couple of pictures before the baby throws a fit that I'm not attending to him. He loves attention :smile:


  2. MAJOR additions to your collection. Congrats!
  4. OMG SO F*cking JEALOUS!
  5. LoVe all your stuff !!!
    Congrats and enjoy them and the new baby !!!!!!
  6. Absolutely amazingly pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. LOVE the Eugenie!
  8. I love all of them, I'm a huge Mono fan. Congrats on your new additions.
  9. Soooo cute!
  10. im one jealous one looking at your eugenie wallet! your carpet is so clean too haha :lol:
  11. Gorgeous items, what great choices! I'm getting the T&B MP on Saturday, can't wait! :woohoo:
  12. wow...I love them. Especially the trunk mini pochette. I bought the mono instead of the trunk. It wasn't available on Eluxury when I wanted. Congrats. Now I know what my next purchase is.
  13. You're building a gorgeous Mono collection! Beautiful!!
  14. Thanks everyone for the compliments. I love Monogram in accessories and can't have enough! It must be the flash, the carpet is anything but clean hehe.
  15. How much was the Mono Eugenie Wallet