3 months for repair?!?!

  1. Hello Chanel lovers!
    I'm really disappointed because the stitching on the strap of my GST came undone, so the strap is sticking out of the chain! I always have to tuck it back into the chain links. I just bought my bag in August, and this happened in November but I live in a city that doesn't have a Chanel, so I just called today to get it repaired because I'll be passing through a city with a boutique on Saturday, and the lady told me it would be 3 months to get my bag back!!!!!! I understand that they have to send it to Paris, which is great, but 3 months!?!?!?!?!?!
    What do you guys think I should do? Has anyone brought theirs in to get it repaired??
  2. My pst's chain got "unscrewed" and I sent it to repair. SA told me 2-3 months also, but I got it back in 2 weeks. I guess it depends that whether your Chanel boutique uses a local repair center and whether that job can be done there or not.
  3. hmmm....I just took two of my vintage bags in for repair and I was told it would take 6-10 weeks. I took it to the Orlando boutique and the SA told me that they would be sending it to NY. She also told me that they do not use anyone local to do the repairs. This was about 3 weeks ago so I guess we will see how long it will take. So if they told you 3 months, it sounds about right to me.
  4. ^^ 3 months is consistent with what others have said.
  5. Booo, that sucks! I guess it might be worth it considering that I hope I can use that bag for the rest of my life :smile:
  6. *cross my fingers*

    I hope it doesn't happen to any of my chanel bags.....i hate this...LOL
  7. The same thing happened to the chain on the medium flap recently. I live near NYC so it took less than 2 weeks. I'm much happier now that it's repaired.

    I'd get your GST repaired since you're still within the free 1 year timeframe. Even though you will miss it for a while, at least it won't cost you anything and the problem will be fixed!
  8. My chain belt felt apart and it was sent back to Paris for repair. I waited SIX months........!
  9. I just brought a bag in for a strap repair and I was told 8-10 weeks. I would be thrilled if it only took 2 weeks since it already stinks that it costs $80 for a simple screw. I thought about it and I guess when you buy something for close to $3000, a screw is worth $80 :rolleyes:. I hope your bag is repaired quickly!
  10. undecidedgirl- did they say how much it would cost? The same thing has happened to the strap on my vinyl cabas and I wondered what the cost would be.
  11. Oh no! I dropped mine off in Sept for repairs and it had to get sent to Paris too since it was one of those pearl ones and I guess it couldn't get re-strung locally? What a crazy long wait! :yucky:
  12. Mine was from 10/05/07 and get the bag on 12/14/07. i live in NYC so i bring it to Chanel boutique 57th. I was told that they will sent my bag to chanel repair department at CA to repair.. I was really disappointed about long wait and the out come of the bag..:sad:
  13. wow three months is a long time hopefully the bag comes back sooner?
  14. the stitching on my baby cabas keeps coming off and i decided to DIY and use transparent nail varnish on it to 'glue' it back. i only use a little and with the help of the cotton bud, it works. this is to save the time i keep going back and forth the boutique. i foresee more problems with this baby cabas so what's the point in sending her for 'repair' when they would only fix the problem but not the root of it?
  15. WOW!!! I wonder why it takes SOOO long? I hope you get your bag back soon! ::crosses fingers::