3 months after d&c painful orgasm.....

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  1. Hi I had a missed miscarriage this feb followed by a medical abortion, then doc performed d&c as some of the tissue was still left behind.In July I had to go through dilation again as I didn't get my periods as the cervix was closed. But ever since my d&c I have pain that lasts a day after orgasm. I have poly cystic ovaries but never had this pain earlier. Anyone whose gone through something similar please advise as the my gyn can't understand???
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    If your gyn can't understand, change your ob-gyn. There is no excuse for a physician not being able to give you guidance, or discuss some theories with you, and tell you explicitly what the scenario might be and whether it requires a wait and see or diagnostic tests.

    If you feel not normal, this is not to be taken lightly. Get a good professional with whom you can communicate.