3 month old with cough...any advice?

  1. Hi guys...I'm new to this section of the forum. I have a 3 month old girl..my only baby (and im still pretty young) so I am very worried about making mistakes!

    The cough started yesterday. She sneezes a lot but no snot comes out. She isnt coughing anything up either. When she coughs, it does sound like shes wheezing a little. After tummy time her breathing becomes more labored and that same wheezing sound comes with each breath. Her eyes have started watering a lot, even when she isnt crying. She is drooling a lot more now. Dont know if those are related to the cough though.

    Do you guys think I should take her to the doc? I hate taking her because they force us to wait in the sick child waiting room, and I'm afraid she'll pick up something worse! Is there some natural medicine that has helped your children? Breathing issues scare me the most...I have hardly slept...I keep her next to me so I can make sure she doesnt stop breathing!!

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. You can call you local hospital ( well at least where I Live ) and ask for the nurse in peds that on call , you can ask them question about what to do and describe the sypmtons and they can tell you if you should bring her in or not . The ones here can reccomend what to give the baby so that you do not have to haul her to the office

    I hope this helps , I am personallay terrified of little babies , unless their mothers are around:sweatdrop:
  3. Please take her to your doctor or emergency room, you just can't be too careful with babies. Better to be safe than sorry. Good luck.
  4. Do take her to the doc. I don't really advise trying home remedies on a child until they are quite a bit older. Try to call and ask for an appointment time and get there with little time to spare so that you minimize the time spent waiting.
  5. In a baby that small and young you need to take her to the doctor asap. If your doctors office is not open go to the emergency room. YOu should not take chances with breathing issues (coughing, wheezing). Keep us posted.
    Hope your baby feels better soon.
  6. I would be careful with the weezing. My son had weezing and I did not know why and he ended up with RSV. So he's on breathing treatments. If they are weezing, it's because they are having a hard time breathing. (Like someone with asthma) I would call the dr. asap!
  7. I would also like to recommend : monitor your bebe's temperature to make sure he/she doesn't have a fever.
  8. Yes, I agree with everyone here that you should take your baby to the doctor. Call them ahead of time and make an appointment. That should shorten the amount of time that you spend waiting. Sometimes if you schedule it for mid-afternoon the waiting room is not very crowded at all. At least at our doctor's office usually it's packed in the morning. Take care and let us know how your baby is doing!
  9. You should have her checked by the doctor if she's wheezing.

    It sounds like she may be allergic. Where do you put her for tummy time? Is it on a surface that might be dusty or contain other allergens (ie feathers or animal hair)?
  10. I took her to the doc. Its a cold. I thought that colds involved snot...but I guess thats not always the case. Her lungs are clear and her cough is becoming less and less each day.

    Thanks for all your advice!!
  11. I lay her blanket on the carpet for tummy time. I vacuum all the time, so I'm sure its not dusty. But she could have allergies...since I have them.
  12. I am happy to hear that it's nothing major! Thank Goodness~poor girlie!
  13. Glad to hear that she's feeling better :smile: Ours is also 3 (almost 4) months, but we've been lucky not to have a cold/cough/snot situation yet!
  14. Great! glad to hear your little one is ok!