3 miroir sightings in less than 2 hours!


Sep 4, 2006
Tonight I went to the NM Incircle event and first saw the silver miroir papillon. As I was browzing through the store I noticed another lady with a silver miroir speedy. Just when I thought I saw it all, I saw a guy with this gigantic silver miroir bag. I have no idea what its called (keepall?) but it was huuuuuge!!! I swear someone could of crawled into the bag and fit perfectly in it. I felt like asking him to tote me around in that humongous bag!!! My husband and I were laughing at how the bags got progressively bigger with each sighting. We were afraid of what we were going to see after the 3rd sighting!!!
I don't understand why anyone would wear a keepall out, casually! I mean, isn't it a travel bag?? If you were going to the gym or something, ok, maybe, but to some social event...IMO it's a little overboard!

Not that there's anything wrong with the keepall, I love the silver one.

Where's my miroir?!! Has everyone gotten their already 'cos mine's still on the way to the store!?!?!

Mine's not here yet either.