3 minute salad recipes, please

  1. Hi!

    I hate to cook but I love to having a big salad as dinner. My local deli salads are horrible: potato salad, macaroni salad. Yuck.

    Would you tell me your favorite super-fast-to-make salad recipes?

    Thanks for your help!

    Here's my current favorite recipe but I am getting tired of it.

    Toss together:
    Washed spinach leaves (from bagged washed greens section)
    Hard boiled eggs, yolks discarded, chopped in the little egg slicer thingy
    Pecan bits
    Avocado chunks
    Blue cheese dressing - just a little
  2. Here's another one, takes about a minute.

    Japanese hiyayako:

    - 1 tub (150g) silk tofu (the soft one)
    - a little sliced green onions
    - some bonito fish flakes ("katsuo bushi" in Japanese)*
    - some ginger paste (you can use freshly grated gingers)
    - some light soy sauce or tsuyu (fish flavoured soy sauce)
    Place the tofu on a plate and everything else on top of the tofu and voila!

    Time: 1 minute
    Calories: about 170 calories
    Taste: If you're used to a diet of steaks and burgers, it'll probably taste a little "bland"; but if you're on a diet of cucumbers and celerys, it'll taste like absolute heaven... ...


    *katsuo bushi and tsuyu can be purchased in Asian food stores
  3. that's a great recipe chocobo, did you get it from a book? i'm trying to lose weight for my wedding and i'm tired of eating fruit for dinner.
  4. I actually came up with it myself after having had it in a restaurant in Japan. It looked really simple. I later asked some Japanese friends to confirm the ingredients and I was more or less correct ^^

    You can leave out the katsuobushi if you're vegetarian, I don't use it and it still tastes great! As for the fish flavoured soy sauce, I substitue it with one made with seaweed, or just regular light soy sauce.
  5. ^^Thanks for the recipe chocobo. I tried it and it is delicious and definitely very easy to make.
  6. mixed spring greens
    chicken breast
    pears or apples
    walnuts or pecans
    blue cheese


    mixed spring greens
    chicken breast
    black beans
    tri colored bell peppers
    yellow sweet corn
    teensy bit of mexican cheese or mozzerella
    a couple crumbled tortilla chips
    bbq and ranch dressing mixed, on the side (dip your fork in it....you'll get dressing in each bite, but use less)

    i also use oyster crackers a lot instead of crutons. not as many calories or salt.
  7. Couscous Salad:

    One box of garlic flavored couscous, cooked
    1/4 red onion, chopped
    can of garbanzo beans, drained
    red bell pepper, chopped
    Juice of one lime
    1/8 cup olive oil
    salt, pepper to taste
    Feta cheese (crumble a small amount on top of each serving)

    Adapted from a Paula Dean recipe. Just made this today and it was quick, easy and yummy. :flowers:
  8. mozzerella balls
    halved grape tomatos
    oilve oil

    mix to taste. it's soooooo good.
  9. This time of year I love to cut up some fresh tomato, fresh cucumber, and a little vidalia onion and toss them with a good basalmic vinegar and a little olive oil. Easy and delicious! You can change it up a bit by slicing tomato, some fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, and basalmic vinegar and olive oil, I think this is called an antipasto.
  10. It's not really a "salad" (not in the traditional sense), but it's quick and easy--

    1 avocado
    1 tomato (small or medium sized)
    1 lime
    nori (dried seaweed) sheets

    mash the avocado with the lime juice (like you're making guacamole), dice the tomato, and add together. Spoon this mixture onto the nori sheet, and roll it up! Makes about three rolls.

    I also like to dip them in soy sauce. :smile:
  11. This is just the salad I was going to suggest. We grew tomatoes this year and had a bumper crop, so I've been fixing this a lot. Sometimes I add cucumbers also.
  12. Is that tofu katsu? I'm trying to figure out what it is so I can order it :P
  13. Oh yeah, baby....I can live on this!!
  14. This is a basic salad in my house....we're Italian :yes: But, we don't use balsamic. It is a sugary vinegar. We prefer red wine vinegar. Yum!!
  15. I don't normally like tofu, but I may have to try to recipe above. It sounds good.