3 LVs For vacation...Which ones?


May 7, 2006
I'm heading home to Canada for Christmas vacation this week and I'm trying to decide which LVs to bring with me. I am planning on bringing larger bags (no pochettes). I have no fancy dinner or parties...instead just shopping, going to the casino, and a couple family dinners.
Out of my big bags which 3 would you bring:
MC speedy
mono speedy
damier speedy
damier papillon
cerises speedy
red epi speedy

I was leaning towards the Damier papillon (easy to carry in the mall + if it snows I have a bag to carry), MC speedy (something a little flashy), and Mono speedy (gotta have something mono with me)....although it doesn't leave me with a true shoulder bag (although the pap can double as one)....and the red Ei is tempting because of the holidays.

I'm driving....so space isn't an issue...although I will leave them in their boxes during the drive.
Damier Pap - like you said, good for all weather
MC Speedy - cause it's such a cool bag
Red epi - can be easily dressed up or down.

Happy holiday!!:jammin:
Yea....I really like the Damier pap too (I've been wearing it every day since I bought it)! So then it comes down to a handheld bag....which speedy? ARG! Maybe I could sneak an extra box in the car LOL
LOL Nita! I wish I couuld bring them all...but space in the back of the truck is limited and I want to keep them in their boxes so they don't get crushed or anything. I could possibly sneak in 4....maybe 5...since I store my speedys flat (well the Damier & mono) I could sneak those into the suitcase, carry my Papillon for the drive, and have the MC speedy, Epi speedy, & BV in their boxes.
Although...now I'm remembering about my Lodge (which hasn't seen daylight in a couple months) and hubby always like seeing that one (it was my first)

Arg....who knew choosing purses for vacation could be such a PITA! LOL