3 LVs For vacation...Which ones?

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  1. I'm heading home to Canada for Christmas vacation this week and I'm trying to decide which LVs to bring with me. I am planning on bringing larger bags (no pochettes). I have no fancy dinner or parties...instead just shopping, going to the casino, and a couple family dinners.
    Out of my big bags which 3 would you bring:
    MC speedy
    mono speedy
    damier speedy
    damier papillon
    cerises speedy
    red epi speedy

    I was leaning towards the Damier papillon (easy to carry in the mall + if it snows I have a bag to carry), MC speedy (something a little flashy), and Mono speedy (gotta have something mono with me)....although it doesn't leave me with a true shoulder bag (although the pap can double as one)....and the red Ei is tempting because of the holidays.

    I'm driving....so space isn't an issue...although I will leave them in their boxes during the drive.
  2. damier papillon-casino
    red epi speedy-dinner
  3. MC Speedy is a def.
    Cerise Speedy
    and a shoulder bag so....the Batignolles Vertical

  4. damier pap
    mc speedy
  5. Damier Pap - like you said, good for all weather
    MC Speedy - cause it's such a cool bag
    Red epi - can be easily dressed up or down.

    Happy holiday!!:jammin:
  6. well so far the BV looks like a winner......I was leaning toward it over the mono speedy! I can even take along a scarf and my groom ronde for a charm.
  7. MC speedy
    damier papillon
  8. Yea....I really like the Damier pap too (I've been wearing it every day since I bought it)! So then it comes down to a handheld bag....which speedy? ARG! Maybe I could sneak an extra box in the car LOL
  9. MC speedy
    damier papillon
  10. Ooohhh....I also forgot one more big bag....my Lodge Pm in black MC. It's a shoulder bag....but I figure one MC piece would be enough to bring! Do you think?
  11. damier speedy, red epi speedy, and mono speedy (i am a speedy nut! :nuts: )
  12. LOL me too Couture! I'm leaning toward some type of shoulder bag because it's easier when shopping on boxing day LOL Need to be hands free to grab all those good deals!
  13. Damier speedy
    Red epi speedy (gotta have red, it's Chritsmas)

    Are you sure only 3 bags???
  14. LOL Nita! I wish I couuld bring them all...but space in the back of the truck is limited and I want to keep them in their boxes so they don't get crushed or anything. I could possibly sneak in 4....maybe 5...since I store my speedys flat (well the Damier & mono) I could sneak those into the suitcase, carry my Papillon for the drive, and have the MC speedy, Epi speedy, & BV in their boxes.
    Although...now I'm remembering about my Lodge (which hasn't seen daylight in a couple months) and hubby always like seeing that one (it was my first)

    Arg....who knew choosing purses for vacation could be such a PITA! LOL
  15. bv for sure