3 job offers all in one day...

  1. I need some advice and thanks in advance for taking the time to read this....

    I had interviewed with 3 different companies (2 yesterday and 1 today). Two I thought I did well on ("Company A" and "Company C") and one left me doubting my skills as a nurse ("Company B").

    Well, within the past couple of hours, all 3 companies have called me with an offer to join them. I told all 3 that I would like to think it over and call them tomorrow. Which one should I go for?

    Company A: Pays per diem, no benefits, need to drive around the East Valley area (in AZ) as a home care nurse, pays the most but there is not set hours (therefore, no set income)

    Company B: $2 more per hour than company C but is 30 minutes away from where I live, it is in the field of nursing that I have the most experience in, don't need to drive around the valley, it was at this interview where the admin. made me feel like "Why am I a nurse?"

    Company C: Pays the least (but still worth considering), is 10 minutes away from where I live, offered me the position an hour after my interview today, good benefits, don't need to drive around the valley, admin. has a pleasant attitude and I left the interview feeling good about myself, area of nursing I have some experience in, told them I'm preggers and they still are willing to take me

    Now, the question of the hour: Which job should I take? I'm leaning more with Company C but wanted to hear others opinions on it...I still have to talk it over with DH also.

    Thanks again!:heart:
  2. It sounds like company C is the better choice. It pays less, but the environment sounds more friendly and you can always get pay raises as well. I would go with company C personally. Also when the baby comes, it seems like being 10 minutes from home is good if you decided to still work.
  3. If I was offered those three choices, I'd go for C. Within shouting distance of home, benefits, and a good work environment are all big selling points for me.
  4. I would go with company c too, sounds like that's where you will be most happy.

  5. I agree. The pay is not necessarily what's most important. That company made you feel good and that's the feeling that should reflect when you work there. I'd choose happiness before money anyway and the 10 minutes and good benefits are just a bonus. I'd go for company C and seek advancements and raises in the future.
  6. Company C--they showed that they wanted you and believed in you right away. You will be close to home and it sounds like a very positive working environment. I am sure you would get pay raises.....just having a job with no stress is worth it.
  7. company C sound like the better option so far, besides is the one that makes you feel better about yourself and that is a big plus. Good luck with your decition!
  8. Tossing in another vote for C- I would hate the driving part in A and the people in B, which swayed my vote- but I love working close to home for convenience and efficiency :smile:
  9. I'd go with Company C as well. And don't think you can't negotiate! Let them know that another company offered you $2.50 (yes, it's fine to inflate) an hour and while you'd love to work there, you were hoping to make a bit more. I've learned over time that companies don't pay you what you're worth, they pay you what you will accept. Ask for what you want and more often than not, you'll get it.
  10. Company C... go with your gutt feeling & overall feel for the work environment while you were at the interview. Closeness to your home is definitely an added bonus & totally negotiate if you're comfortable with it~! cOngrats on your interview success & soon to be new job... keep us posted!
  11. I think "C" as well. 10 minutes from home is a MAJORLY HUGE benefit. I'm 15 minutes from my workplace and love it. GL! :heart:
  12. i agree with the others that company c is the best choice. money isn't the priority here since your family isn't scraping to get by. working at my family business makes me appreciate how a great workplace environment can really improve your mood and productivity. so its great that company c appreciates your skills. :smile:

    let us know which you choose! and good luck!
  13. multiple offers in a day is great! congrats!

    I'd go with C too.... the ppl around u are pretty important and u def do not need addtl stress dealing with not so nice ppl since you're with child. Good benefits and a short distance. that all sounds good to me.... sure you compromise on the pay but unless you really are financially tight, i'd forego the difference cos i think the benefits, short dist, reduced stress would be worth much jore.

    CONGRATS and good luck!
  14. Go with C--best to work for a place you feel comfy in, esp. since you're in a new place and will be having "life changes" soon. Belikng close to home will be a major plus when you're farther along.

    Congratz girlie, and let us know what you decide.

    We miss you by the way!
  15. Congrats on getting 3 job offers! Woot!

    I would totally eliminate A, as it sounds like a part time job to me.

    As for B, would you be working with the person who conducted the interview? Was it this person that made you feel uncomfortable, or the hospital policy? What about the benefits? Have you told them about your pregnancy?

    Obviously C is the clear winner, if not for the money part. If you need the money more urgently, I'll say go with B. If you are looking for a long time job to supplement income, go with C.