3 Horsebit bags-too much?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I had a horsebit obsession a few years back and ended up purchasing 3 of them, the small green leather clutch (now dc'ed), the large black leather flap shoulder bag (w/ the horsebit on the front), and the tan leather hobo. Do you think it is total overkill to own all three? The reason I ask is because many of my acquaintances (non-purse obsessed, I might add, lol) have commented on how I have the "same" bag in different colors (despite each style being quite different imho). While I know that it is probably redundant, I just think that if I ended up selling one on ebay, I'd regret it later since two of the three bags are no longer made. Thoughts?
  2. Sell for the right reasons- you are no longer on love with that purse. If you sell becasue your friends don't have purse savvy, you may regret it! Sounds like you still love them, so I would keep them all!
  3. Perhaps your friends are a bit jealous about all of your beautiful bags? (The green one is TDF.) These bags are all completely different from one another, other than the horse bit trim, and it looks like you have an assortment of other bags you use , too. I think there are many PFers that collect the exact same bag, just in different colors, myself included. Next time someone says something, just say, "Yes, aren't they gorgeous?" Never sell a bag unless you have "outgrown" it or really need the closet space.:flowers:
  4. Nope the horsebit is my fav style.

    The Speedy is my fav LV style and I have 2!

    Your friends are just jealous
  5. If 'you' love them that is what counts. Gucci horsebit bags are beautiful and classic. At least you have 3 different 'styles' of the horsebit bag. I think you'll find many PF'ers that own multiples in the same style but different colors (ex. Chloe Paddies, Balenciaga BBags, Chanel Flaps, etc..), me included. Nothing wrong with that if that is the style you love and it works for you!
  6. Don't sell them because someone else thinks it may be silly, only sell if you want to part with a bag for reals !
  7. If you love them, keep them. Don't let someone change your mind for you. I really like them, JMO.
  8. i personally love the horsebit style also. i have the large monogram horsebit hobo with green leather and want the medium size with dark brown leather. i dont think its crazy! as long as you use them & youre still in love with them, then screw what other people say. they usually criticize out of jealousy.
  9. I agree with everyone.. DOn't sell because of them. Keep because of you :smile: