~~<3 Happy September reveal<3~~

  1. Hi everyone,

    Happy September, happy birthday month!!!! I'm so happy to share my happiness with all of you here. So I'm gonna have a BIG reveal of my growing Chanel family. Let's start it!! Here's a big box from FedEx today...

    Anyone here for a BIG reveal!?!
  2. :popcorn:
  3. I am here!
  4. That's a huge box!! Open!! :smile:
  5. Yeah!!! I'm ready!!!
  6. Here
  7. yay a live one! the box is huge!!
  8. Thanks so much for all the early reply!!!! Here are some nice wrapped black boxes, love it!!! Any guess what I got here?^_^
    image-4088883862.jpg image-1976673352.jpg
  9. OH MY GOD reveal!
  10. :couch:
  11. goodness! please open!
  12. Im here too!! Did I spot a couple of shoe boxes? Perhaps a pair of boots too?
  13. You are killing me now...reveal already :P
  14. Hahaha.. Yes, I got a few pair of shoes.. Ok, let's start with them first!!!

    Love ballerinas:heart:
    Blue metallic ballerinas
  15. so many boxes! :amazed: