3 Hanky Panky Thongs For $30 Shipped!

  1. I think you meant $20 shipped?
  2. no.

    $24 for three thongs minus the discount code = $20.39

    $20.39 + $6.95 shipping = $27.34 total shipped
  3. coupon codes do not apply to international orders :tdown:
  4. is kitson reliable though? I thought they rated up along with intuition?? Has everyone had good experiences?
  5. what a good deal! Does anyone know the sizing compareable to Victorias scret pink things??
  6. Thank you so much!

    By the way, the coupon works on uggs and there are several styles available in the sale section.
  7. I love these - I own three and just bought them. What a great deal for pretty colors! Does Kitson ever cancel orders if they oversell? I really hope they come! FYI - they are one size fits all, I'm currently a size 8/10 and they fit great, but they also fit when I was a size 12/14. Very flattering cut!
  8. just ordered a set! thanks for posting...these are thee best undies ever. I'm a tiny girl but wore this before, during and after my pregnancy and they still keep their shape!~
  9. I'm a 2/4 and they fit me perfectly! =)
  10. they also have the kooba natasha in silver for 295-15%= 250!!!
  11. ok! thank you!!
  12. Thanks!!! That's a great deal, I ordered 2 boxes. :smile:
  13. For those of you in NYC, Daffy's often has Hany Panky thongs for $3.99.