3 Flap Questions

  1. Sorry if these are too obvious but I've tried searching the forum and have gotten quite confused so I thought I'd just ask outright:

    1. Is the new modern chain replacing the old chain or is it just another option/choice?

    2. Does the red flap (with old chain) come in silver hw?

    3. I'd love a medium, red caviar classic flap with the "old" chain and silver hw. Impossible to find?
    BTW, although I'm in Canada, I have friends in the States and England who could help me shop.

    Thanks for your help. Confused in Canada. :confused1:
  2. lets see, ladies please correct me if i'm wrong :smile:
    1. the modern chain, i believe, is a limited edition chain that chanel is doing for this season (maybe other seasons as well) but it is not replacing the old chain, so it is just another option
    2. the red flap with the old chain does come in silver hw i believe; they have issued red flaps over the years and i would be shocked if they never issued one w/ silver hw
    3. it is extremely difficult to find; you can try calling the 1-800 number...i believe a PFer found a red brick color jumbo flap a few days ago; it just depends on which red you are looking for (this is for the US) i'm not sure about Canada or England, but I imagine the red flaps to be extremeley popular because they are not introduced every season, so when they are, i believe they sell out pretty fast, like this season with the red flap with the new chain

    Good luck!!!
  3. Thank you so much for the excellent information!
  4. i posed this question to a SA at NM the other day and was told the new chain was something Chanel was "trying out" for the season, that if it sells well they will continue to make it.

    the red flap does come in silver hw, it's from F/W 2006. i just purchased one recently in lambskin, the east/west size, though it was nearly impossible to find.
    i called the 800# and was told it was sold out in the boutiques, so the department stores were my only hope.