3 Days Only!! Extra 20% Off Longchamp @ Magnums.net

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  1. I've been buying from them for a year and a half and I noticed they do go on sale twice - in the summer then the winter - when they get rid of the season colours. Once in a while they send you coupon codes with 10-20% off on regular prices.
  2. thanks eucalyptic. i guess i will have to wait til summer or til i get a coupon to get the red one. It's not a seasonal color anyway.. :smile:
  3. So do I!!!!!!!!!
    I've asked them via email and they said it's already delivered but, nothing shipped to me. they don't even give me a tracking number or any responsibilities after i purchased
  4. Hmm, that's odd, I just ordered one from them a couple weeks ago and I got a prompt email order confirmation, and shipping notice with tracking! I placed my order over the phone though, I wonder if that made a difference. Overall, their customer service seemed good. Sorry to hear that! :sad:
  5. Ohhh, I just got my shipment today!! I should have ordered another one, oh well.
  6. I got my large pliage tote in navy today too! I also ordered the nutmeg one from the sale a few weeks ago. Luv them both!! :heart: