3 days in Munich- what to see?

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  1. Hi- I have 3 days in Munich, Germany in early March.
    What things can I see or do?
    I am going with public transportation and walking, so would like ideas.
    I want to sightsee and want to dress comfortably since I imagine it will be cold.
    NOT a shopping trip, this is a business trip for DH with 3 days at the end of it so I will fly over to join him for the 3 free days.
    Thanks in advance for any ideas you can give me.....:smile:
  2. Oh, I almost forgot: Schloss Neuschwanstein (the castle they modeled they Disney castle after) is only about 50 miles from München.


  3. Kittie! I was hoping you would come to my rescue! ;)
    Wonderful, I thank you so much for the suggestion page.
    My DH is talking about going to the Steiff Museum since I'm such a fan of Steiff but I want this to be about him since he will be in school in Greding, Bavaria for 2 weeks. Seems like we ought to let him do what he'd like once he finishes.
    He loves zoos and castles so I think you have covered it for me.
    Thanks very much!
  4. You're very welcome :flowers: If you ever need any help with translating information (though I think most should be available in English as well) or something else simply drop me a line.

    If you want to use public transportation you should look into getting a München 3-Day-CityTourCard which offers transportation via all MVV-Transports (S-Train, Underground, Bus, Tram [don't know how to translate this, it's kinda like a cable car I guess?!]) and discounts for some popular attractions.


    You can either take a Single Card (which costs 18,80€ for the inner area*, 29,50€ for the total area*) or if you don't plan to split from your DH during your stay a Partner Card (29€ for the inner area, 48€ for the total area)

    *Inner Area: White Zone, Total Area: White & Red Zone on this map:
    http://www.mvv-muenchen.de/web4archiv/objects/download/tarifplanhandoutaussennp.pdf --> I'd say that the Inner Area should be sufficient as that's where the most fun parts are, but if you want to go back to the airport via public transport you need to use the red zone as well.
  5. Wonderful information, thank you so very much!:flowers:
  6. Munich is probably not the best place to go for a shopping trip anyway. I think the best thing to do is use it as a base because IMO the best things to see are outside the city.

    I would reccomend a trip to Dachau concerntration camp. It is obviously a very sombre place but well worth the visit. It wasn't that cold when I went in the autumn but for some reason the death chambers were freezing. Just don't do what some lady did on my tour and eat food the whole way through the tour including in the gaschamber, everyone was about ready to punch her out:boxing:
    Neuswanstein castle is nice too, the castle probably is the worst part of the whole trip because the scenery around there is stunning. Just walking around that little town is beautiful. Inside the castle is really laclustre to be honest but well worth the visit.
    You could do a small trip down to Austria for a day to the place where Sound of music was filmed (Salzburg).
  7. If you're in to cars there's the BMW factory tour and museum. The Welt is cool too. I'll be hitting this stuff up when I go to Munich in April because I'm going to pick up a new BMW and they do delivery at the Welt. My timing was poor last time and I missed out on the factory tour.

    Marienplatz has some cool buildings and a beer hall.

    Schloss Nymphenburg is fairly close to city center and easy to get to using public transportation. It is pretty gorgeous.

    I recommend getting the Munich Pocket Pilot. http://www.amazon.com/Munich-Laminated-Pocket-Map-Pocket-Pilot/dp/3937994238/ It has a map of the city, a subway map, and a few points of interest. The POI part is kind of bleh, but having a laminated pocket map is super awesome. If you get caught out in the rain or just spill something on it, you don't have to worry. I cannot stress enough how helpful they are. I use them to keep from getting turned around when exiting the subway as well as general navigating and trip planning. Everyone I know that has used them raves about them.

    My trip in April will be my second trip to Munich, I went a couple of years ago when I picked up my last car. It isn't my favorite city in the world, but it is very pretty and kind of relaxing.
  8. How about going for a side trip to Oberammergau to see "picturebook" houses or see the bavarian alps?
  9. I'll second Dachau- very moving indeed.

    Steiff Museum is great- they also have a 'seconds' shop. ;) Entree is 8 Euros.

    In Munich have a drink up in the Olympic Tower- it rotates and the views are worth it.

    Also highly recommend Marienplatz on the hour to watch the clock. Weisswurst bretzel and beer in one of the Beer halls across the street is a must!

    Schloss Neuschwanstein was ok. I found the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber really nice for a visit- http://www.germanplaces.com/germany/rothenburg-ob-der-tauber.html