3 day sale reveal (sorry if its elsewhere already!)

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  1. hi thought i'd start a new thread for this as my lovely bags arrived this pm: (apols if its elsewhere already and i missed it!
    - Surprise Me purple pebbled and Enchant Me Port.
    love them both, bit worried as i've now ordered a RM in Root and wonder if it will be too similar in colour to Port???
    Anyway - in brief:
    LOVE the SM - i've had a long history of buying messenger bags - radley, Mulberry - and then not using them... but this one think is stylish enough and big enough to meet my needs. it feels very weel made,not just an envelpe of leather like some..
    Enchant Me - wanted a smooshy, neutral hobo and think this one will do the job. i can wear with my UGGS and leggings and cardis, and come Spring i can wear with jeans, a hermes scarf and a white T and it will look pulled together. thought i'd take pics of the longer strap too as i haven't really seen it photographed like this before 9altho i prefer the shorter one, there are times i'll want to switch... Oh, and the model is my 18 month old, she likes them too, esp the purple....

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  2. Beautiful!! I'm kicking myself for missing this sale. I thought I didn't need anything, but now the IB's are calling my name. I especially love the port EM. What I love about the EM are the outer pockets, since you don't get them on nice slouchy hobos generally.
  3. yes i'm glad i got both - altho i lasted out till day 3 before i decided i had to have something... since then i've gone a bit mad buying - that's it now for at least 6 months.. seriously tho i think i'll wear these a lot, and they can be dressed up/down and neutral enough to go with most things in my wardrobe. it does mean i'll have th relinquish my black pebbled hug Me that has been glued to me gfor the last 2 weeks...
  4. Congrats! These are beautiful bag. I love both of them. I kicking myself for not getting the EM midi in purple. I'm feeling the need for purple pebble.
  5. Ha ha, I just posted my sale bag on the wrong thread :nuts:

    Anyway, I'll duplicate it here. Snap same bag!

    Here is my dark purple pebbled leather Surprise Me. I've had to add a couple of rings as the strap was a little short on me. It's nice but it's not got the instant wow factor that my other BE bags have given me. For me the Surprise Me it is what it is, a functional cross body bag that looks much more stylish than many in that genre.

    The photos show the bag full with my usual stuff, alongside my BE zipped wallet and the third shot is of the contents of the Surprise Me. It holds quite a bit considering it's one of the smaller BE bags.

    The last pic is of a Navy Protect Me that I will be giving to my sister, sorry it does not photograph very well under artificial light.




  6. Good haul! I am amazed by how much stuff fits in your surprise me.
  7. Pradameinhofgang, nice haul! I find the Port to be such an easy and neutral color. :love:

    Totegirl, Congratulations! My SM sticks out from my hip when I load it up too much. I added the extra rings, too. Looks 1000% more stylish on me that way... just hipper and cooler. :supacool:
  8. Yes, the 4 outer pockets help with the smaller bits
  9. Love your new purchases! I especially love the Surprise ME!
  10. good photos! yes, i garee with you that when i opened the box i didn't immediately WOW but its the nicest messenger i've seen and think all of us need a bag from time to time we grow into and fits a certain purpose - for me itll be the days when i have kids, need to do a quick supermarket shop, trip to a coffee shop, jaunt to the park etc and don't want a bag i have to have on my arm or put down on a seat... also here in the Uk the weather can be terrible and having a flattish bag i can wear under my waterproof coat without it being bulky is a bonus... so please let me know if you learn to love it!!
  11. Yes, you're right PradaMHG the SM will be one of those no brainer bags to grab. The love will grow I'm sure!
  12. Can you post a mod pic of the EM with the messenger strap? TIA! Love your new bags everyone!
  13. PradaMHG -- love your new bags -- that purple leather is gorgeous and I love your EM too! Your little model is adorable too!
  14. These handbags are fabulous!!!!!!!! So gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing with those of us who did not get in on the sale - someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until then, we live vicariously thru you all!
  15. p.s. And don't forget you can fold over your Surprise Me like that wonderful carterazo and use it as a clutch!