3-day old Reissue Rip!

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  1. I recently purchased a chevron reissue 227 in so black hardware, used it for 3 days straight and when I went to switch out my bag to another (started rotating my bags more consistently after butchering so many bags over the years from single continuous use) when I noticed that the inside leather lining on one side had a small tear. I couldn't believe it! The only thing I could determine is that a pressure point developed right where the bottom of the bag folds in, and with my stuff sitting on top it must have caused a tear as it weighed it down. Needless to say I am so devastated. My SA is working with me to determine what my options are. Apparently, this has never happened to anyone else. Is that true? Have any of you ever had a tear in the inside leather lining? Please note, I NEVER put anything sharp in my bags. I even use a LV key holder for my keys. So, this could not have been my doing. Any advice would be helpful, especially since these bags are freaking $$$$. And, I do not want a trophy sitting on my shelf. I am a firm believer in using my bags, and I'm new to luxury brands which I assumed would hold up much better than cheaper brands. :sad:
  2. Oh no!! I hope this will soon be fixed! I've got the same bag which I had to exchange because of a flaw at the base of the bag. The new one is holding up great. You're right that you pay a lot of money and these flaws are not okay. Let's just hope Chanel offers some great customers service!!
  3. NOT OKAY!!! they better offer a replacement or send for repairs. So disappointing hearing all the quality issues with Chanel lately, esp with prices the way they are, and expected to keep going up. sorry this happened!! keep us posted on what they say.
  4. You're right, I've never seen leather rip inside a Chanel handbag. This is really unusual IMHO. I hope Chanel will help you out with this one. Very strange. :amazed:
  5. Wow, that's pretty bad. I can't image anything out of the ordinary things that would cause the leather to rip. I hope Chanel resolves the issue.
  6. Did you get from boutique? and is it still under 14 days? sounds like a quality issue and not due to misuse/damage (they can tell if the bag has been used abusively I'm sure for example if the bag is all scratched up inside, if it was a cut due to some sharp object instead of just normal weight/pressure which the bag should be able to take if made correctly, etc etc). if it's under 14 days - I would immediately return - no reason/investigation should be needed.

    if it's over 14 days, and relatively/reasonably new, and again - if clearly not misuse but quality related issue that can clearly demonstrate by the bag's condition - I would discuss with the boutique manager to accept the return or if they have stock, an exchange, as quality issue because you are a valued customer relying on sound quality in Chanel's brand new product - a classic no less. investigation should not be necessary if you and the boutique (both parties) agree that it's new and not due to misuse (eg quality related) :yes:

    good luck.
  7. I'm sorry to hear about this. I hope Chanel can resolve this issue for you quickly. Any picture?
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467774961.354838.jpg
    This is my first time posting a pic, so I hope you can see it. I purchased the bag from department store. It was brand new with tags and stickers.

    The only things I carried on that side of the purse were my LV mini pochette and LV zippy coin purse. I've seen others carry these same items in their Chanel purses so I can't believe that could be it. I mean, could the chain from the mini pochette really cause a tear like that??
  9. I can see your picture! And no I don't think it's your fault. Please keep us updated on how Chanel resolves this for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!