3 Day Countdown until MONK! Starts 7-7-06

  1. Been watching Monk since the beginning. I absolutely love this show. Well written, funny, a mystery/thriller, also I can relate to the obsessive compulsive traits; mine are mild compared to Monk's though. :ninja:

    Any other Monk fans out there?
  2. It hasn't been the same since Shirona left though. I do try to catch it when I can though:smile:
  3. Yes, I miss Sherona too. Natalie grew on me though and she's pretty good too.
  4. I LOOOOOVE "MONK"!!!! Huge Monk friend here, although I wish Sharona has stayed. It really isn't the same with Natalie ... I had been watching "Monk" re-runs Friday night and I just love that show!
  5. Tony Shaloub aka Monk, has won two Emmys (for best actor in a TV show) one for the first season it was out and one for this past year. Yay Monk...I mean Tony. ;) I really enjoy trying to solve the mysteries/crime during the show. I've been successful a few times too.:graucho: Every little detail in the show seems to count and mean something. I have to be ever so vigilant when watching so I don't miss a thing. :ninja:

    Stay tuned...Monk starts Friday! :yahoo:

    Regarding Sherona, she wasn't able to renegotiate for the amount $$$ for the new contract she wanted, so they let her go and got Natalie.

    Moral of story here - Monk's sidekick is dispensable.:shocked:
  6. I love Monk. Tony Shaloub is awesome!!! He's in this month's In Style magazine!!! I could swear I saw the actress that played Sharona, maybe two years ago. But I like Natalie, too. She's cute, and I like her daughter, too. Julie's as cute as her mom!!!

  7. Julie is very pretty. Did you see the actress that played Sherona in person somewhere?

    Friday's show was off to a good start. It was sad to see Monk regress though and now he thinks he needs to see Dr. Kruger 7 days a week. :blink:
  8. I guess they have to make him regress every once in a while to keep the show going. I love the premiere, it was funny and sad at the same time. I felt so bad for Monk ... Oh and SPOILER for one of the previous episodes ahead:









    Did anyone see the episode where Monk saw someone who looked just like Trudy but she turned out to be an actress who was hired to get some paperwork out of Trudy's storage? I felt VERY BAD for Monk on that one. He was almost ready to move on and then this happened ...
  9. Yes, I did koukanamiya. It was sad and very cruel for the people to do that to him, knowing the history of Monk and Trudy. Monk seems to make a litttle progress and then a memory can activate his traumatic and painful memories of Trudy and cause him to regress again. :sad: That's all part of the Monk show though. If he ever fully recovers, then Monk will probably not be on the air anymore.
  10. I always feel so sorry for Monk. It's awfully sweet that he's been wearing the wedding ring the whole time and is so consumed with finding out who killed Trudy. But it's awfully cruel everytime that he thought he had a lead, it leads to nowhere. Ya know, Monk always said that he didn't deserve Trudy, but in my opinion, I think he does!:flowers:
  11. Me too! I enjoy the shows of the flashbacks of them together and also when he talks to her in his dreams. A once in a lifetime kind of love story...so sweet.
  12. I love the show!!

    Did anyone see the InStyle magazine spread on him and his family? It was interesting. I'll try to dig it up. I might've thrown it away though.

    It was interesting how he is actually sort of like that in real life.
  13. I love this show!! You are so lucky being in the US - we probably won't get the new season till next year!!!

    Was it a good start to the season then?
  14. Yes, the season is off to a great start RachelA. Did you know Monk DVDs (by the season) are available online, e.g. on Amazon?
  15. Love Monk!!!! Ever since Colombo stopped happening, this is the closest I can get to a great, quirky detective!!!!!!!!!