3 cute summer totes (cheap too!) at Bloomies...

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  1. Thanks! I've been looking for some cheap totes for camp and school. It seems that every cute tote is either too small, too big, or has an open top (which I don't want)! If only the Kate Spade one was closed-topped...
  2. My gosh, the Kooba one is $150 for PVC. That should cost way, way less. You can get PVC totes that are cuter at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, GAP, Forever 21, or even at Bloomingdales or Macys for that matter, but non-designer name. Sorry, I am just so sick of designers trying to sell plastic, PVC, etc. for such high prices.
  3. You know you are so right - being on here, my perspective on expensive has changed. 2 years ago, I don't think I'd ever paid more than $100 for a bag....and with Kooba, of course, you're paying for the name and design, even though it's PVC. But there are plenty of designers that charge upward of $500 for nylon too...I don't know. I guess I just thought they were cute for summer!

  4. Thank you! I like the Kooba one too =)
  5. Thank you! I like the Kooba one as well.

    It's not just the name or material but how the bag is made. Kooba bags are well made.