1. Alright, I am deciding between 3 lower priced bags, they are competely different brands, quality, ect. All are oversized. I am debating between;;;
    Michael by Michael Kors Jet Set Tote 14 x 18.5 x 7 ; 18.5 x 14 x 7 ; $174
    Tano Eternal Botox Tote 22 x 14 x 5 ; $133
    Adrienne Vittadini Manuela Large Tote 16.5 x 13.5 x 7 ; $120

    EDIT: I LOVE BIG BAGS, HUGGGEEE bags that cosume you.

    I have been eyeing the Michael Michael Kors for quite some time, but I already own the Adrienne Vittadini (BUT I CAN RETURN), I hear Tano are good quality?
    What do ya'll think? Any other suggestions?
    Michael.jpg Tano.jpg manuela.jpg
  2. Of thoes three I vote the blue one as long as it's not massively ginormous.
  3. I vote for the Adrienne.
  4. I love the blue one, it stands out
  5. I've been liking that MK for a while now too, though the AV is nice as well.
  6. I like the AV the best.
  7. Michael.
  8. I think the MK is classier, you can wear it year round, and it won't go out of style. I think the tano is striking and fun, great if you want a funky bag, but I can't see wearing it to the office, unless you're lucky enough to work somewhere that bag is appreciated, and I think it will be hard to wear with anything other than black. My least fav is the last one- it's too close to the Chanel coco cabas for my taste. Hope that helps! I'm sure whichever one you get, you will love though!
  9. They're all nice bags but I agree, totally different! The MK is a pretty standard, good work bag - nothing too exciting, IMO. The Tano is definitely an attention-getter! The AV looks like it would be hard to get in/out of (and find things in), though it definitely looks the smooshiest.
  10. MK looks to be most practical, but I am really not into those alphabet letters all over it.
  11. the 3rd one is the most unique, i like it the best =)
  12. Vote for Tano....I own two tano bags and they're great. I do agree with echo_23.... as much as I love Tano and the blue I don't know if the color is very practical for everything.
  13. The last one - the first looks like logo jaquard not a big fan, the second looks too plastic (if it's crunch leather, it looks cheap and nasty within days of using, the Tano I have looks dreadful I think I'm going to chuck it out) - the last looks like a nice style but I don't know anything of the brand.
  14. ^^^curlsalound, I'm sorry that your Tano bag didnt meet your expections. (BTW, I read in another thread that you have "my heroin"- that's made of cloud leather, not crunch.) There are LOTS of Tano fanatics here on TPF- myself one of them- that will strongly disagree with your remarks, but hey, we all are entitled to our own opinions!

    Now back on topic, I love the color of the Tano bag, but not that particular style. It's not one of Tano's best, IMO. There are lots of better big bags to choose from in Tano's line. Im not crazy about jacquard bag because I hate logos- and the chain handle bag does not look like its comfy for shoulder wear or everyday use, so I would rule that out as well. That's my 2 cents!
  15. Third one!