3 coin purses in one week. YIKES

  1. Dudettes, I've fallen off the wagon - big time. I've purchased 3 coin purses in ONE week (with a 4th purchase possible soon!)

    * Sapin
    * Tomato
    * Cinnamon

    I've wanted one of these for soooooooooo long - like YEARS. I always told myself: no, no it's too much don't do it. Well, as you can see - this is what happens when you DENY yourself! LOL

    Oh dear, I need help....
  2. Pics please :yes:!!!
  3. Yes, pics please! I'd love to see the Tomato one!!
  4. Hehe we all fall of the wagon every now & then....please post pics of your little beauties!
  5. haha it's okay! just share the joy with us! (pics!)
  6. can't wait to see pics!!
  7. I promise to post photos when they're all here. I have the Sapin - but the Cinnamon won't be here until Tues. and the Tomato will be here Thurs. (because of the holiday). I PROMISE once they're all here I'll post a "family photo". Thanks for being supportive - I just couldn't hold out anymore~ lol!
  8. Don't blame me :nuts::nuts::nuts:


  9. Can't wait to see photos! I figure it's best to indulge when you want to, because otherwise it becomes an obsession and then you go on an uncontrollable binge. :smile:
  10. what fun! can't wait to see pictures!
  11. Congrats! I :heart: coin purses! I can't wait to see pics :smile: Where did you find the tomato cp? I've been looking for rh coin purses in bright colors but I haven't been able to find any.
  12. CONGRATS!!! Can't wait for your pictures.

    Denial always kill any diet so the same thing applies to Bbags LOL!!! But you got yourself GORGEOUS GORGEOUS colours!!!
  13. PICS!!!

    You are on an accessory overload right now!!! Take a step away from the accessories LOL!!!!
  14. i can't blame you. when i first saw cps i thought "what would i use it for?" well, after four of them, i use them for everything. PICTURES PLEASE!
  15. Nice..I am excited for you..these cute little coin purses are serious addiction!

    Don't feel bad, no one can blame you, they are too adorable!

    Post pics when you have the complete family :nuts: