3 choices one decision !!

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  1. I'm in a dilemma to buy my first chanel I'm really confused and think about various options:

    1. GST Gold hardware then a little pochette later either a Classical clutch or a pochette from another designer brand.

    2. E/W and some other bag later (either PST or a louis vuitton bag)

    3. Louis vuitton Trevi and timeless Clutch

    If you have other suggestion for about 1700 Euro for the first bag feel free to let me know !!

    I'm listing my very thiny collection so it will help making a decision


    Wilshire Boulevard pomme d'amour
    Alma PM Bleu nuit
    Totally Azure PM
    Dior Panarea Black silver HW
    Stockton Bleu
  2. I have a similar situation, although I am not considering any other brands at the moment since I already have two LV bags and I don't have any Chanel bags so far.

    I am considering the PST, WOC and the small classic flap. However, I heard the small classic flap is not made any more. I wonder whether that is the case. :wondering

    So you want to get a large bag as well as a smaller bag (a clutch, pochette etc.)? If I were you I would think what I need right now, a larger bag or a smaller bag. Are you looking for a casual day time bag or an evening bag? How much do you carry?

    Do you have a suggestion for my problem? :smile:
  3. I would go with #1 if you dress up a lot (ex. have a job requires a suit).
    If you tend to dress more casually, I will go with #3, the Damier is pretty versatile.

    For #2, I am not a big fan of E/W unless it is in colors or exotics...something with texture. I prefer M/L or clutch. I think PTT is something you can consider too.
  4. GST with Gold Hardware
  5. Does the small classic flap exist ??? they told me its very difficult to find !!

    well for me what really bothers me is to pay that much and only have a pochette so I was thinking for a first chanel bag GST is nice

    For you I think PST is perfect as the first one :smile:

    What do you think about my choices I know that at the end I have to have two bags one big and a pochette for night !!
  6. I'm as much dressy as casual !! I considered E/W only because I find it look like M/L flap some how at a lower price !
  7. Hindo, Fiona33:

    About 2 weeks ago, when I was searching for my classic flap, I saw the small flap in black with SHW at Nordstroms here in Los Angeles. I asked the SA about the size (because I was unfamiliar with it) and he told me its the small flap that has been discontinued and that was the last of their stock and it is no longer being made because the size wasn't a great seller. So, from what I was told, the small has been discontinued and what is left is probably few and far between. If you are really interested in purchasing it, let me know and I can give you the info for the SA at Nordstroms and he might still have it??
  8. I think from your choices I will go for #2, however, I agree with MELTINGMYHEART2, I do prefer the E/W in some sort of colour other than black or beige, however size wise, it isn't very practical.

    I've never been a fan of the GST, so that option was definitely a no for me!

    Good luck with your choice!
  9. Hindo: I think the GST might be good for you. Get that first and then you can think about the smaller bag and get that some time later. You may be right that the PST might be perfect for me. I think I may get it. But I am really in love with the small classic flap and that is the one I have been dreaming of. But if that is discontinued, that means I would have to get it asap.

    Thanks Bentley1 for the info! :smile:

    I prefer the small to the m/l since I am very petite and do not carry a lot. There's just the problem that the classic flaps are so expensive. And I would have to order the bag from the UK because I live in Finland and we do not have a Chanel boutique. :sad:

    What to do? Please help!
  10. The GST is very nice, and its a beautiful bag...
  11. Do you know how much the small flap was? I am curious what the price difference would be.
  12. I'm in Sweden and they don't have a chanel boutique either :smile:
    I didn't think about the small flap but I think this is a great choice but if you don't find it will be PST for me !
  13. Oh my god its such a beautiful bag I would definitely consider it !! Does it exist with gold hardware ??!! while you were in paris you didn you see if there is GST or E/W available??