3 Chloe purchases and a little surprise...

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  1. thank you :smile:

    Oh I am sick at home and can't clean up - I wish I could walk straight enough to put my heels on, so I can't see it like DH - he is oblivious to the mess! :P Sometimes I wish I was a guy:roflmfao:
  2. OMG :nuts:! Neverrrrr :roflmfao:...only because they don´t use to wear lovely bags :nogood: :lol:
  3. hope you feel better soon mica!
    its a man thing they just dont see mess!
  4. oh mica
    hope you feel better soon- you are more important than the mess- although I know how you feel- all will be ok! :smile:
  5. He knows about your bag addiction and still married you -- ah, must be love. Congratulations!
  6. Aw thank you ladies :heart:

    I have been spending most of my time today looking at bags on bonanzle instead of snoozing so I think I'm getting better :graucho: I just can't stand up for a very long period of time, haha.
  7. You are soooooo Beautiful!

  8. Aww thank you so much Muggles :heart::flowers:

    If only I had a trio of women to help and 4 hours to get ready every day :cloud9: :P
  9. Congratulations Mica!You looked so beautiful on your wedding day..
    Let's see if you could last longer than 3 and a half months without buying a bag! :biggrin:
    Well,just don't get tempted!

  10. Thanks! :smile:

    I'm actually on a ban at the moment but that's not stopping me from buying bags! :nuts: Trying to make it 4 months on my ban but not getting very far. Need to try harder.
  11. i am totally late, but that doesn't change the fact that you were gorgeous on your wedding day. and i love how chloe had a little part in it, too! congratulations :heart:
  12. you look absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want to get married now :smile:

    love the chloe collection too :smile:
  13. oooh your pictures r amazing.u 2 are gorgeous toghether..congratulations....
    and lovely chloe btw...
  14. Young happy LOVE!! ♥♡♥ How can you narrow down your selection from 3500! What if they were Chloes???

    I'll say it again congrats on your nuptials.
  15. Awww Mica I just now found your beautiful photos!
    I do not know how I missed them?
    You looked every inch the gorgeous bride....and you both looked SO happy!
    All the best to you both, you have many wonderful years ahead of you!