3 Chloe purchases and a little surprise...

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  1. #1 Jun 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2010
    I know a few of you have been waiting for this post for a while sorry!

    First up: my 3 latest Chloe purchases.

    After 3 and a half months of a ban, I broke it to pick up a cute little crossbody paddy clutch on sale for 50% off, and then I bought a little heloise clutch too. My latest purchase is the gorgeous 2006 chocolate paddy hobo in the back ground - just arrived today!

    And a few extra photos of a rather special event - my wedding :yahoo:

    I got married a few weeks ago and have been dying to share photos with everyone - I hope you enjoy them :smile: I even managed to sneak some Chloe into a few shots! :nuts: I picked my mastic Chloe clutch - on it's first outing DH proposed to me, so it's a very special bag :smile:

    I hope you all enjoy the photos - and now you know what distracted me from bags and helped me keep me to my ban for so long!

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  2. Oh you look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing pics of your special day. Your photographer did a fabulous job! You look incredible! Lovely dress!

    Your new Chloe's are also gorg. What a long time not to buy a bag. You should be proud of yourself. I need to go on a shoe ban!

  3. Oh, Mica, congratulations! On the fabulous wedding and your lovely husband and your new bags, of course! You look so beautiful, lovely photos! Thank you so much for sharing!
  4. CONGRATULATIONS, MICA... You make a great couple... (Make sure you re-read the "How to train a husband in Chloe land" by Div... invaluable advice for a newly wed)...

    I need to organise my next wedding to help me stick to my ban... need to find a groom first...
  5. Oh my god Mica congratulations!! You guys are so cute and you look beautiful in your dress! Dare i say it, even more beautiful than your bags but they come a close second! Congrats on your new purchases, but special congrats to you and your man, so happy for you!! :yahoo::woohoo::heart:
  6. Thank you so much insane-maryjane, brigitte, Maria and Sian! It was nice to finally share the photos with you all.

    It was an amazing day and I'm glad I had my little bit of Chloe in there! My wonderful DH doesn't mind my bag addiction too much, I knew he was a keeper! haha.

    Will still re-read that thread though Maria - it had me in stitches the first time!
  7. You kept that pretty quiet! It's so weird to see "DH" instead of "DB", ooh i'm all happy and smiling at my desk. The photos are brilliant - where did you honeymoon? Or have you not been yet? Gossip, gossip! :smile:
  8. Mica - Congratulations to you and Andy (thats right I hope!):graucho: He looks warmer now than my vision of him whilst he visited Scotland - poor guy.

    I wish you both the very best for your life together - I'm sure you'll have a wonderful life. Just keep reminding him who wears the trousers - and he'll do fine. I hope that you have many many happy years together - you've a way to go before you can catch me up - 26!

    With all the very best from Scotland - :heart::heart:
  9. beautiful pics mica! you looked goregous on your day!!
    i wondered where that choco messenger paddy went! now i know!!
  10. Yep, I just couldn't resist that bag, love at first sight! Taking it out tomorrow :smile:

    It was hard to keep quiet! I had to tell a few people :P Glad you liked the photos! We went to Tangaloma resort for our honeymoon, on Morton island, just off the coast of Brisbane. it was beautiful - did tours, went quad biking!, fed the dolphins. I was telling Andy we should go there for a mini break minutes before he proposed, so seemed like the obvious choice for a honeymoon :smile:
  11. Thank you so much for your kind words - it does mean a lot. :smile: Andy survived Scotland but didn't quite get used to the culture or the weather! He still calls a kilt a skirt - nearly had to cancel the wedding :roflmfao:
  12. Mica - you tell Andy- he's lucky he didn't have to wear the 'skirt' for the wedding - I'd have insisted!:nuts:

  13. haha, my dad kept on at him every time he saw him after the engagement, right up to the wedding telling him he had to wear a kilt. :P

    One of my friends in Scotland sent over a special apron as a wedding present for Andy - with a kilt and dress shirt on it! Hilarious! I managed to convince him to put on his 'kilt' to pose for a photo....but he'd murder me if I posted the photo on here...so I'll have to leave it up to your imagination.
  14. Mica - he needs a beach towel - done in tartan with the sporran - and when you wrap it round - hey presto - it looks like a kilt. Very fetching:graucho: You can imagine the loonies arriving in Spain for their holidays sporting one eh? I think they sell a lot of them TBH:P

  15. haha! Perfect thing to wear in the hot Queensland summers! I'm going to hunt for one online to give him for his Christmas present! :roflmfao: it's going to be my mission to have him standing in either one of them or his kilt apron in front of the BBQ!:nuts: