3 Chanels or 1 Kelly?

  1. I am waitlisted for three chanel bags and was shocked that the price of the three bags will actually be more than a 32cm kelly. Now, I've always wanted a 32cm souple kelly in black or rouge h and know I would get a lot of use out of this bag (in either color), not only in my personal life but my professional life as well. The question is, should I go through with the purchase of my 3 chanels or should I keep the money and buy a kelly when a bag to my specifications becomes available?

    Here's why I'm torn - three chanels gives me quite a bit of variety and I like variety, BUT I also know that the quality of the kelly will be far superior to chanel and it is a bag I will have for a lifetime.

    Any opinions, because I'm driving myself crazy :shrugs:.
  2. I'm biased but I say "Hermes Kelly." It is so versatile and classic and gorgeous.
  3. As a lover of BOTH Chanel and Hermes.....I would DEFINATELY go Hermes Kelly in this instance.

    Actually.....my suggestion is buy the Chanel you love the most. Skip the other two and buy the Hermes Kelly if you can. This way you'd have one of each and the best of both worlds!!!!!
  4. Just curious-which chanel bags?? I am addicted to chanel but I like shopmom's response. I always try to find a solution where you can have it both ways!!
  5. Oh gosh - I would have to go with the kelly.
  6. Kelly :flowers: Then maybe you can get the Chanels later? :girlsigh:
  7. If you can only get one, get the Kelly. However, since you said that all three together will cost more than the Kelly, I like Shopmom's idea of buying the one Chanel you like the most and a Kelly. That sounds like a nice compromise.

  8. You answered that yourself!!!!! And of course you know what I think :graucho:

    A Kelly is forever!

    **Note, although I love shopmom's idea I would buy a Bearn wallet to accompany my Kelly instead of the Chanel.
  9. which Chanels? I love all the new ones coming out.
  10. Molls,
    You have to really ask yourself if you are the personality type that will love owning just one bag instead of the versatility of three. I could never answer that for you. If you would not be happy owning one bag then it is not a good choice for you. Some women need many bags and a variety at that. (Let's not forget to add that Chanel has lovely bags)

    If you can make shopmom's idea work...then there is no question on that one!!!

    Good Luck.
  11. The chanels I am waiting on are the new metallic bowler from the luxury line, a black bowler from the luxury line (I can get this now, but don't want to spend over $2k on it as that can go towards the kelly) and the vinyl hobo.

    shopmom, I was thinking about getting just one of the chanels in which it would definitely be the vinyl hobo. I fell in love with this bag and it would take care of my, "I need something that looks really cool" craving but it seems like this bag is one of this year's "IT" bags and I know it would probably get dated quickly. Now, I also REALLY want a vert anis 37cm bolide to use as a carryall to fit all my day-to-day items, as I have many. So...the money I'm saving by not indulging in chanel will go towards TWO hermes bags.

    So now my heading should read, "3 Chanels or 2 Hermes?" :upsidedown: and, now, it's a no brainer for me. The only thing I need to know is, is the 37cm bolide a nice, big bag as I've only seen them in 31cm's and know I would need something bigger.
  12. Baggaholic, it was YOUR vert anis bolide (or is it chartruse) that pushed me over the edge into wanting one.

    As for finances, there's no problem there but I also want to be practical as well. I can't imagine buying 3 chanels and 2 Hermes bags as my husband just might pop a vein, and that wouldn't be good. I want to tread slowly with Hermes ;).
  13. You are quick Dianagrace...I was gonna grab that thread for her.
  14. Molls...all the PHH-s have vein poppage at times...you just have to figure out the way to work him slowly!!! That's all you baby.