3+ Carat Bands


Nov 12, 2007
Hi ladies,

I am getting married in May, and am searching far and wide for pictures of 3+ carat 5 stone bands. I did an exhaustive search of the Internet and cannot seem to find the size in a picture...my idea is 5 .6 carat round brilliants, basket-set and shared prong in a white gold band.

Any pictures would be appreciated!



Superstar DJ
Sep 8, 2007
Try looking on the Thread started by Swanky,Your Dream Ring or Celebrity Engagement Rings,they are both great threads and have tons of images for you to look at,whopping e-rings with all kinds of bands and combinations.The thread Swanky started has lots of pics posted by ladies who own some seriously hot rocks and bands!! I'm pretty sure if you messaged them they would gladly give you carat weights and wearability info.Hope this helps! Happy hunting!! And of course when you get one please post pics so we can congratulate you on your purchase,and drool of course!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx