3 blue Maddy bags?

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  1. As the most of you know I have already 2 blue Maddys, a Cobalt and a Turquoise.

    And now there is an EB one on the EBAY.

    I´d like to have it but isn´t it silly to get a 3rd blue one?

    What do you think?

    It´s not that I need one more, but I like it...

  2. I've been where you at.

    You know for some weird reason I have 4 bags that are all the EB color.
    I went back and forth with listing my EB Mahala in the MP and finally said enough is enough and decided to sell it I have too many bags.
    All 4 of my blue bags had either never been used or only used less that 3 times, so I had to ask myself what good are they doing all in the closet, taking up space.

    But on the other hand if collecting you blue really make you happy I encourage you to get it...
  3. I am waiting for better pix on the bag.

    I need to know if it looks good enough for that price before I decide...
  4. How much do they want for it?
  5. BIN £ 650 , starting price with auction £ 550.

    It´s a good price if the bag looks allright, but not for a very used one.
  6. I would offer a lower price.
    If it was mint, pristine I'd be more open.
    And if you didn't have any blues at all in your collection I'd be more open.
    Does that make sense?
  7. Yes.

  8. The condition is questionable to me. If you look in one of the pics, it looks like there is some fading or colorloss on the front. I would just want to verify ethe color is consistent throughout since the ebs were prone to colorloss or fading before offering anything.
  9. Thanx.

    I´ve also seen that fading, that´s why I don´t think I will get it.

    I´d like to have an EB bag, but in good condition or for very low price...

    Not very used and very expensive...

  10. ^^I agree. For that price I'd want it to be in excellent condition.