3 Bleu Roi in my closet...Can't decide...

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  1. Help me!!!!!! OMG I got lots of decisions to make and I don't know what to do!!!!!!

    I received 3 gorgeous bleu roi bags and I can't decide which to keep and return. 1. m/l caviar, 2. m/l lambskin, 3. maxi lambskin. All are drop dead gorgeous and I want to keep them allllll. But every night when I lay down on my bed, guilt starts to fill my head:sad:. How can I keep 3 bags that are the same color and same hardware? Originally I wanted a maxi caviar but that didn't happen, obviously :graucho: SA told me to think about it and I can return it once I decided which one to keep. I should have known I wouldn't be able to let go. I wanted caviar since it's easy to care for. I love the look and feel of lambskin but I'm so clumsy. I have black lambskin that I never used but under close examination there are tiny scratches from when I take them out to breathe (I have short nails and I still scratch bags I don't use, can you imagine if I do use it?)

    I have looked everywhere and there's no maxi caviar left.

    I tell myself it's all the same color so must return 2 and keep 1 bag. But the devil on my other shoulder tells me it's different sizes and different leather.

    I don't know what to do...Please help meeeee....

    Oh and seeing all the lovely pictures on here makes me want to keep em all...
  2. OMG, a medium caviar?! :faint: Please, please, please post a picture!! :nuts: Where did you manage to find one (I'm assuming Europe)? Is this the bright blue version of the bleu roi (aka '10C)? Personally, I would keep that, but that has been my dream bag for many years (have the Jumbo). :cloud9:

    If you are used to bigger bags though, the medium may be an adjustment for you. If you want to keep two of the three, I'd say the medium caviar and the maxi lamb, because they are most different in size/leather and potential usage. Good luck deciding (and please post pictures)!! :flowers:
  3. can you keep the m/l in the caviar and the maxi? i've never seen them in person but i've heard the color is much richer on the lambskin but if you feel more comfortable with the caviar then you can carry it worry-free and carry the lambskin on special occasions...GL :biggrin:
  4. Oh my, fieryfashionist now you got me wondering if I have the m/l or the jumbo in caviar. I believe the SA told me its m/l. I will double chk and get back to u.

    To be honest, I've been feeling so guilty I've only looked at the bags once and not for more than 5 min. Sounds crazy doesn't it. On top of that, the bags were sent to me weeks ago. I know, I know I'm hiding cause I don't know which to choose. But, every second I'm thinking about it and trying to pick which will stay with me :P

    greenbean22 - that's what I thought about the lambskin, use it on special occasions, but it's a lamb maxi kinda big for special events, no?

    i'm so torn...
  5. fieryfashionist - Yes, the bright blue version and will post pics in a few hrs. Holy poo... it's bothering me:wacko: I can't check right now if its a m/l or jumbo.
  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:
    I saw your title --- 3 blue roi -- and :faint:..... MY FAVORITE!!!!! I have a jumbo lambskin --- LOVE HER TO DEATH!

    and then --- I see m/l CAVIAR --- I was beginning to think it was an urban legend!!!! Pls post a picture if you can!!!!!!

    But, I do understand your guilt... and if I were in your shoes I would let the lamb m/l go, and NEVER let go of the caviar (if that is what it is (**crosses fingers for you**)) and the MAXI, which is my favorite size!. :winkiss:

  7. You can tell right away if it's m/l or jumbo. M/L has the extra inner flap and 3 small open compartments for cards and lipstick/pen and no zippered compartment other than that on the underside of the big flap. The jumbo, on the other hand, consists of one big open compartment and a zipper compartment without the extra flap.
  8. i remember i compared the caviar and lambskin side by side and it's the same size. now i just need to rush home and check if it's actually m/l or jumbo. i'm so silly for not checking the sizes
  9. thanks burberryprncess, i remember its 1 big open compartment w/only 1 flap. it's a jumbo, but will still double check later.

    sorry :sad:fieryfashionist, got u all excited thinking it's a medium
  10. If it's caviar jumbo, I would keep it, and also the m/l lambskin.

  11. Tough call. I would keep the caviar M/L and exchange the other two, because I don't like maxis. Roi bleu is beautiful in both caviar and lambskin, so, you might as well go with the "easiest" in terms of care and wear. Can we see pictures, regardless of which ever course of action you decide to take?
  12. I really like the color of m/l lambskin.. the lambskin seems little brighter than caviar.
    but if "the one" you have is really med/large caviar, i will keep that.. you better check if it jumbo caviar or med/l caviar!! :nuts::nuts: ....and i will return the maxi lambskin..
  13. Keep the jumbo caviar and m/l lambskin :yes:
  14. where did you get all of these bags at this late date?? or you have just had them for a while and now are thinking re returning. you'd better tell some of these people where to if so!!! i say keep the lamb maxi. that's what i have and it's the BEST! honestly, my bleu roi lamb has made me utterly obsessed with maxis generally but the color in that size just works so well. it rocks!
  15. keep the lambskin m/l !! I think the color looks really nice in lambskin.
    and i also wanna know if you have the m/l in caviar as well, never seen a picture of it before!