3 black chanels, do I need a black bbag?

  1. I look to Balenciaga for color. I love the pinks, purples, blues....so why NOW am I craving black? Is it a must have? I can't help but go :drool: everytime I see Nicole Ritchies black city(?) (i think) I mean the girl has every color of the rainbow but her plain old black is my favorite. So, what do you ladies think?? Black=boring or Black=beautiful?
  2. Black is HOT!!!!!!!!!:love: I say go for it!!!!:tup: Waiting for Bama to chime in!!!!:p
  3. i have 4 black chanels and 2 black balenciagas and love/use them all. you can't have too much black.
  4. YES :tup:
  5. Black is timeless and that said you can NEVER have enough black of anything!!!

  6. ^^ LMAO, of course the answer's...

    (in fact, you need more than one, lol!!!)
  7. I love black bags! A city would look hot in black!
  8. Black is HOT! FOR SURE my favorite b-bag color. I can't get enough and if I could only keep four bags, I'd keep all four of my black ones! :yahoo:
  9. I love the way Balenciagas look in black. The only reason I don't own one is because I never use black bags. If you carry a lot of black, then a black bbag is a must-have.
  10. If u have that many black bags go for another color, many choices.
  11. If you didnt have 3 black chanels i would say get it, but maybe another black bag is getting too redundant, especially since the other 3 are the same brand. At somepoint you just have to stop yourself.
  12. Well as for the question as to whether you NEED a black bbag, probably not. My SO is of the opinion that handbags are just glorified carrier bags and says they both do the same job!! But you MUST definitely get one. I have 6 black balenciaga's - mini classique, first, purse, twiggy, city and weekender so I can't recommend black enough. It's a staple classic.
  13. You can always use a Black bag. I have a Black Twiggy and i love it.
  14. Chanel and Balenciaga are so different - off cause you can justify buying black - always beautiful, though I LOOOOOOVE the many colorful bags!!!
  15. :yes: Yes! As MissM said, Chanel and Balenciaga are different. Also if you need a black bag and don't want to use your Chanel you have another option.