3 Bbags in my bluefly cart for you

  1. Okay, is anyone else starting to suspect that bluefly is selling fakes? Those all look fake to me. That pink color doesn't look like any color that was ever made. And the shape of those cities looks strange. Just my opinion. That would explain the mysterious pistachio ghost that was available a while back.
  2. Well some of their photos do look a bit off, esp. in terms of the color/leather texture.....but I'm still trying to give them the benefit of the doubt here and treat those photos as just stock photos. Thank God I'm not seeing that fake Bronze on the site anymore.
  3. ^^you think they're fake? i have several in my cart, still undecided which to purchase
  4. Bluefly does not sell fakes..I wouldn't worry..and they have an awesome return policy if ya ever felt the need...
  5. Do a zoom on the rivits on the teal classique. The don't look like they dive in enough on the sides & are they supposed to be shiny silver? Alot of these bags have silver hardware & I didn't think that was standard for B-bags (except on some metallics...) Help me out B-bag experts!
  6. I got a fake bronze from them 2 weeks ago...
  7. OMG- I love the olive! I can't buy it right now- so mad!!!
  8. oh no! did you tell bluefly that you got a fake?
  9. Sure did, I got a refund but they never responded to me. Honestly, they would NEVER admit to me the bag was fake, so I'm not surprised.
  10. If you zoom in on the strap on the caramel city that's up right now, the bales are square!
  11. I used ateliernaff site to match up colors/hardware. It looks like most of what they had was from 2005, with a few from 2004. When I first logged in (3:45 a.m. yikes!) they were showing the following elusive colors, though some were already gone: 2004 pistachio, 2004 turquoise (but they called it seafoam), 2003 mustard, 2005 teal, 2005 bubblegum, 2005 turquoise, 2005 navy, and olive, which in comparing color swatches, might actually be 2005 dolma green. My head almost exploded when I saw all these bags and then it almost exploded again when so many were already snatched up. The adrenaline is still flowing. Don't think I will be able to go back to sleep...
  12. I heard another PFer recently got a fake Bronze from Bluefly as well :sad: . . . hope it's just a problem with the bronze ones (and a one-time switch-and-bait incident). Keeping my fingers crossed as I place this order....
  13. Just looking at the pink First. Bales are square there too.
  14. OMG! You're right! FAKE- ladies look out! In the buying frenzy this morning, I may or may not have gotten the red & navy ones. I didn't take enough time to examine the bags closely. I don't really even know if the order went through...
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