<3 BB Valentine's Day RAOK 2014 Chat and Reveal Thread! <3

  1. Some reminders!
    -If you ship international, please check weight prices before shopping!
    -Please send your questionnaire through Elfster. This way I will not know who drew me. Send these before Thursday January 9th. Please let me know if you have not received it by then. It will show in your normal email box.
    (on the exchanges main page you will see "person who drew you/your draw" in a box under the exchange name. Hovering over "person who drew you" will give you the send message option.)
    -Make sure you post so your "secret elf" can get to know you and personalize your gift. Make sure you also ask the person you are buying for questions to get to know them better and narrow down what they might like when buying items not on the wishlist.
    -Send me tracking or customs number when mailed
    - Mail Samia's ASAP so she gets it before next Christmas LOL ;)
    Have fun!!!!
  2. Yay I'm so excited!

  3. lol!!
  4. Morning!!
  5. To my buddy...my survey has been sent :cool:
  6. :lol:
  7. ^ I know! loving all the special attention Lol :lol:

    Waiting for my buddy's survey but I did pick up a few things, so excited!!
  8. Me too, waiting on that survey! She doesn't want me to go just picking whatever right!
  9. regarding the survey, I think it is a bit long and repetitive (and the email combines all the line together, making it harder to read), doesn't really help me with choosing any extras, so my answers probably wont help much either, so buddy, feel free to ask me questions in the Q&A sections :smile:
  10. ^ I like the survey, it tells me more about my buddy than just her wishlist but you are right that it is really hard to read.
  11. I sent my survey just to let my buddy know ;)
  12. I think actually cut some out lol. It asked for allergies multiple times for example. I did add the "currently using" to see if that is helpful. I'm open to any suggestions to adjust the survey for future rounds!

    when I send the survey, I put *** after each question so if you copy to notepad, its easier to find where to hit enter so you can read it. I was going to add that to the sample and forgot. I'll do it next round!
  13. Me too! What I do is I copy and paste it into my notepad and then add lines in between the questions so it is easier to read. I then save it and refer back to it as I want to buy things.
  14. I am such an Excel junkie, I copy it into Excel then separate each question onto a new row. It's a pain, but that's the way my brain works!
  15. That is a great idea but I am too lazy to do all that :p