3 bags in 3 days! New additionals to first's coll.

  1. Hi everyone . . . just wanted to share with you all . . . got 3 bags in 3 days: '03 red city, '05 bubblegum-pink and magenta hobo's . . . AND this is my full collection 'for now' ;) :yahoo: ! Will get a 'teal-shoebag' soon . . . :wlae: :heart:
    111-1195_IMG.JPG 112-1204_IMG.JPG 111-1199.2_IMG.jpg 112-1202.2_IMG.jpg
  2. Congrats firstclass! You have a great collection of colors there!
  3. Congratulations! The colors on your bags are all so pretty. I think they really look like a bag of skittles or Starbursts! :love:
  4. talk about some serious shopping!
    love the pinks and the purple together!
  5. HOLY MOLY, I, I'm seriously drooling over your GORGEOUS collection!!!! Can't even pick a favorite~!!!! I want to come over and hug each one of them :love:
  6. Wow! It has been a great week!
  7. Oh FirstClass, what a gorgeous collection!! That Red with the silver hardware is sooooo gorgeous!!! Wear them in the best of health!

    I wish you well,

  8. OMG! OMG! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! BEST Bbags ever!!!:love: Congrats sweetie!
  9. First class WELL DONE!!!
    You have a wonderful collection :yahoo: :nuts:
    I love your '03 City... it's beautiful !!!!
    I am very jealous ;) but, at the same time, so glad for you !
    Enjoy them!! and thanks for sharing. x
  10. Amazing!
  11. Its such a treat for the eyes to look at it like that! hehe Beautiful collection!
  12. Congrats!!! I just love your "smarties" collection, it makes me smile :smile:
  13. All are beautiful!! Great collection!!
  14. Awwwwwwwwwwwww ... thank you all for the nice compliments :shame: - you're so sweet :tender: ! Even my bank-account is 'crying' . . . I'm happy to share my collection with you all, coz I know that YOU all understand 'my passion' :love: :heart: !
  15. OMG! You have such a fabulous collection.I'm so jealous.
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