3 Amazing Bags... Help me decide which to buy!


Aug 28, 2010
Hi, all. I've been mostly lurking lately, but I could use some help deciding what to do.

My mother gave me money for a new Coach bag as a combined Christmas/ birthday gift (my birthday is Feb 1). She gave me the money to buy the Caroline in metallic gold, which I adore, but a couple new bags have released that have me wavering. I am also interested in the gathered Sophia in raspberry and the orchid patent Abigail. I would post pics but I'm on my smartphone and I'm not sure how to do that; maybe I can get on a real computer tomorrow and add some.

I should list the bags I already have to show you how these fit in:

Floral embroidered Maggie in Antique Rose
Black Hailey
Cranberry patent Mia Maggie
Black leather Floral Sophia
Bone Gathered Sophia
Onyx Ella
Watercolor sateen Sophia
Dark Amethyst Sequin Poppy Cinch

I am conspicuously missing a metallic bag, which I really want.

I wear a lot of neutrals, pinks, and purples -- though I have splashes of lots of colors. Purple is my favorite color.

Let me know what you guys think I should do. Thanks!


Jan 17, 2010
I love the versitile assortment you have already. There is a new lindsay out in a gold blended leather that may suit your "bling" need, it's not metallic but the wow factor is there. But the caroline is georgeous and if you can pull off the large size I would stay with that! Merry Christmas and good luck.


Dec 17, 2011
I had to look up the caroline since I never saw one. Omg it's gorgeous!!! I would go with that! Good luck!!


Apr 29, 2009
Hands down, go for the Caroline! She's GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!!

Reasons -
You need/want a metallic bag.
I have the raspberry gathered Lindsay and while it's definitely pretty, I also have a Caroline and IMO a Caroline wins every time. Plus, I don't know if you've seen the raspberry irl yet, but the color is truly red and not what my mind thinks of for raspberry. So, if you wear a lot of pinks and purples, then this bag being red may clash with those outfits. Caroline would go with everything!
My DD has the orchid patent Abigail and that color is also red (with a bit of a pink undertone) and you already have a red patent cranberry Maggie which is very similar. Plus, unless they replenished, I think this Abigail is sold out. A couple of weeks ago or so, when DD ordered hers, there were only 3 left. And then a few days later, someone on here said they ordered the very last one.

Good luck with your decision and Merry Christmas!


May 10, 2010
It looks to me that you have a lot of bags in the pink/purple family already. Since purple is your favorite color, you are constantly drawn to bags in those colors. The Sophia and Abigail you have picked are also in this color family.
So if you really want to get a metallic, then you should resist the urge to get another pink/purple bag (but if that is what you really love, then maybe you don't really NEED a metallic.) The Maggie and Sophia come in a beautiful gold and silver too, but maybe you don't want to get another one of those styles since you already have several. Personally, I think the Chelsea metallic tote is gorgeous but I can't handle the separating zipper. For me, the Caroline is too big. I think it looks a little like a briefcase or suitcase. Make sure you try it on to be sure you want a bag that big. Since your mom was generous enough to give you the money for an expensive bag, I think the embossed Madison flap carryalls are strikingly beautiful. I think they look nicer and richer than the Caroline. Although technically they aren't metallic, the gray croc looks silverish, and cashmere spectator looks like it has gold trim. If you don't like them, the metallic Abigail might be a good choice because everyone loves that style, you don't have it and it is a good size. There is also a metallic Hailey.


Aug 28, 2010
Thanks, all! I appreciate the feedback. I think you have all pushed me more towards the Caroline. Yay! I am thrilled. I know it is large, but it is soooo pretty! And I am 5'8", so although I used to shy away from big bags, I think I can pull it off.

Hopefully I can still get one or both of the other contenders in the future. I do have a soft spot for red, as does my Hubby, so my next one will definitely be the gathered raspberry -- if that color came in the gathered Abigail, all the other bags would be temporarily out the window!

I would like to see the orchid patent in person; in some pics it looks a brilliant fuschia, while in others it looks more like a deep berry red. I wouldn't mind it being more red, except I have the cranberry and am eyeing the raspberry so want something different for orchid.

Sadly, I still don't have a true purple bag! Meaning a leather bag large enough to carry all my daily "necessities." The sequin is a bit small, and too delicate for daily use (can't even get it wet). And besides being sateen, the watercolor Sophia is mostly pink with just a bit of purple as an accent. I thought the plum patent Abigail would be my dream bag I'd been waiting for, but like so many others, I was so disappointed in the change from the prototype that I couldn't bring myself to buy it. If the orchid one is as fuschia as it looks, it will be a great addition -- but still not the true purple bag that I need in my life.

Thanks again, all. I think I will be purchasing Miss Caroline tomorrow!