3 Amarante Sunset Blvd. available at SF Bloomingdale's

  1. I can't pick mine up until tomorrow since DD wants to go and get a father's day present.
    (Isn't she sweet?)

    Anyhow, my SA did say that there were still 3 Amarante Sunset Blvd. and 1 "white/pearl" Summit Drive.

    Call Marcy (if she's not there), talk to Juan (Store Manager) at SF Bloomingdale's.


    Also, they have the smaller pieces as well if anyone is looking.
    I might put a keyholder on my list! :graucho:
  2. Get the key holder!
    EVERYONE should have something in Amarante it's so pretty how can you not love it!?!

  3. Yeah! Congrats! You will love it!
  4. I know!!! After seeing yours, I am counting down the hours until my baby comes home. :p

    Why does DD want to get a Father's Day present tomorrow any way?? :rolleyes: *sigh* Only 24 more hours to go...
  5. YAY! Today is the day that DD and I are going to SF to pick up my Sunset Blvd!!!

    Tirany (sp?), Mello_yello_jen's SA, just called to let me know that she has everything ready for us to look at! :yahoo:

    Gosh, why do I have to work?? Or else I would take off at the moment my DD gets out of school!!
  6. OMG! What time were you there?!?!?!! I'm going to PM you now because I was thinking "hey I wonder if that is pinky_ohana" when I was walking down the escalator since it looked like it from the SF pics and I wanted to scream "pinky" but I also didnt want to look silly. Oh no, I hope I didnt miss you!
  7. I cant wait to go to the boutique and get something myself!!!
  8. Thanks for the info, my SB is waiting for me at VF along with the Love 2 bags but I kind of want to go there and see them IRL.