3/5 ceph how long now?

  1. I went for my checkup yesterday and was told i am 3/5 ceph any of you ladies that were told this able to tell me how soon after you went into labour? Apparantly it is a very good place for our baby to be :yes:
  2. what is 3/5 ceph? NEVER heard of that before? Is it the same as 3-5 cm dilated?

    If so, who knows. My sister was 4-5 cm dilated for over a month. I was never checked during any prenatal visits, but both times I went to the hospital I was 6 cm. I could have been walking around quite dilated for awhile- first time I was in light labor all night I was 6 cm and second time I was going in for an induction (breaking water) and was JUST starting to contract on my own.
  3. Ceph means the babies head is down and the numbers are determined by how far into the pelvis the hed is but it works backwards . My widwife felt my stomach just above my pelvis and said when you can feel 5 fingers above the head is not engaged, then 4 is 5/5 , 3 fingers above the pelvis is 4/5 , 2 fingers above is 3/5 ,1 finger is 2/5 and none i presume is when crowning (the babies head being visible ) however she did not do an internal examination so i don't know about dilation etc.... any other ladies familiar with these figures?
  4. Oh, I get it... my midwife didn't use these terms! Basically, baby has dropped... You know, I can't remember when that happened with each of mine, but I remember it was around 36 weeks that they said the head was "engaged" and low. Both my kids were born at 38.5 weeks.