3.1 phillip lim sizing

  1. i just found this amazing 3.1 phillip lim dress online that i think would be perfect for my upcoming casual wedding (more of a cocktail party type event). i'm not sure about sizing and there's no close retailers that carry the line. does anyone know if phillip lim runs true to size? thanks for your help!

  2. got my answer! dress is on the way! :yes:
  3. wearing white to a wedding?
  4. I think she's the one getting married :smile:
    Owh and I love the dress!
  5. LOL, it's my wedding :smile:
  6. thanks! i can't wait to get it!
  7. the dress is amazing!)))
  8. woooow, gorgeous!
    you should post pictures of yourself wearing it in the "members wearing wedding gowns" thread!!
  9. That's a GORGEOUS dress!
  10. beautiful.
    how does sizing run, btw? i had my eye on a cocktail dress for valentine's day.
  11. that's gorgeous! I think I saw it in one issue of Vogue...Marina Rust wearing one in blue...it looked amazing!
  12. Well that's good to know!
    I love this dress and I think that it will look amazing on you!
  13. i was told phillip lim runs true to size. the boutique i ordered from sent me the measurements of the dress and from the measurements my normal size should fit. i'll let you know once i receive the dress. fingers crossed that it fits!
  14. wow!!! googling for pics now. it does come in blue!
  15. i received the dress today and it's amazing. the sizing is true to size imo.