3.1 Phillip Lim 'Pashli' Bag...Anyone?

  1. Just bought the taupe tonight (merry christmas to me?) at Barneys. It is on the heavy side, but I felt it could handle the roughness of day-to-day use better than the Celine.
    Plus, it fits over my shoulder when necessary!
  2. The taupe is nice!
  3. I looked at it at Barneys too and found it a tad heavy. Definitely durable though.
  4. I love my taupe Pashli that I bought sometime in August 2011. It is definitely a big bag, but that is why I find it so practical, since I carry everything with me, I have two kids and also carry bottles, toys and everything else in this bag. The handles are a bit short to carry it over the shoulder in autumn/winter. It was ok when I didn't need to wear a jacket or coat in warmer days. The leather is very structured and durable. I have really used it extensively nearly daily, but the bag doesn't show any scratches!!! It has broken in a bit, but when carrying it on the arm, it doesn't show.

    Here are a pic of the current condition and a modelling pic for size reference (I am 163cm).
    Pashli.jpg Pashli modelling.jpg
  5. I like the (crocodile? alligator?) embossed one on Net-a-porter. Really have to control myself not to buy it (if indeed it is still available I haven't looked recently)
  6. Well, I couldn't stop thinking about it, so it is on its way to me...:rolleyes:
  7. I love your taupe Pashli! I debated between this color and the ink, and eventually decided on the latter. Just received the bag a few days ago, actually. I agree with you about the size; very handy when one has children.
  8. good choice! Enjoy it!
  9. Any pictures of it?

    I personally LOVE this bag!! In any colour :heart: but I'm having problems finding it online in the UK. BOO.
  10. I was debating to get this bag for the longest time (I bought a Chanel instead during this time), now that I've decided I should get one, all stores are sold out of the shark-embossed version! :sad:
  11. Do you mean the croc-embossed? Net-a-porter has that one as far as I know, that is where I got mine
  12. Oops, it should be shark-effect not shark embossed. http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/167291
  13. Never mind :p
  14. For those who have this bag, do you have problems with the lock? According to an NM SA, all stock was sent back last week due to faulty locks...hence I wasn't able to track one down for the last week!
  15. hmm, mine is a PITA to close just due to the bag style and floppiness (the croco-embossed), but once closed it stays that way. Did they say exactly why the problem was?