3.1 Phillip Lim - Any deals/ discounts from any online store who stock this brand?

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  1. Hi!

    I've been desperately searching the internet for any deals or discounts on Philip Lim handbags but can't find anything. One boutique had a fall promo but didn't have the item in stock.

    So pretty please post any deals, promos or upcoming sale events from any designer boutique or department store who carry Philip Lim, eg. forwardbyelysewalker.com, Shopbop, otteny, Barneys, Saks, neiman's, etc.

    Hope someone can help me! :smile:
  2. Which handbag are you looking for and in what country do you reside? There are lots of online sites which can make the prices better b/c of conversion rates, no tax, and free shipping.
  3. I'm also interested. Would love a pashli or a 31 hour bag
  4. aloha rag carries phillip lim & currently has a disc promo till the 30th & if you become a member its an additional disc + free shipping & if you don't live in NY or hawaii no tax !!!!
  5. I'm in Australia and I'm eyeing the 31 hour bag. I would love a pashli but I'll wait until the medium/ normal size is released with a strap. :smile:

    Which colour in the 31 hour bag? I'm partial to quite a few. I haven't seen it irl but I read a couple reviews stating that the bag is lightweight and the leather is thin which means it doesn't hold its shape well. I wonder if this is the case.

    Thanks! The 31 hour bag is sold out on AR and they don't have any pashlis either. Shame as it's a good promo.
  6. What about this white pashli? Via Shopbop

    White smooth leather with silver hardwear and leather pulls.

    I'm not a fan of the smooth leather (i know i'll damage it) but it's 30% off!

    Sorry I can't upload the picture from Shopbop. When you search the sale it doesn't come up either, so click or use the link above!!
  7. heyyeh, where was the white pashili on shopbop? I can't seem to find it and would really want to buyit
  8. @twilight_sky, it is only available via the link that heyyeh posted. It is not available at the discounted price if you go through the normal sales link on shopbop. hope you get the bag, theres only 1 left!
  9. Thanks heyyeh! I Love the white but only in theory because I also know that I'd damage it and before long it will be nasty looking. What a pity because the shade and clean lines means its perfect for spring/ summer.
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    Hello all--

    Shopbop is having a sale with no apparent restrictions on brands, that means pashli! I think there's only the ink color left?

    There's a tiered coupon percentage depend on how much you spend. Considering the bag is 500+, you should be able to get 25% off!! And if you wanna spend more than 1000%, 30%!!

    Here's the link with all the details and discounts: Shopbop.com/bigevent

    Happy shopping!