1. Hello,
    My son just posted our first website for our original homemade purses... we, my daughter and I, have been making purses for a couple of years now for our friends and relatives but we finally decided to post a website. Check it out… http://home.everestkc.net/2pursegirls/ feed back is welcome :biggrin: this is too cool...
    have a great day
  2. I cant see any of the pics on that site:oh:
  3. the link doesnt appear to be working.
  4. [​IMG]

    Very cute!!!
  5. Seems to be working now!! The bags are cute and I like that you let people custom design them also!
  6. cute bags .....
  7. Thanks for the feedback on my website Http://home.everestkc.net/2pursegirls Check back soon, my son adds pictures all the time.