2nd Trio Revels of the Month... July sooo OVER!!!

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  1. Hello there... apparently I have 3 more reveals this month to go after the last Triple reveal... that's 6 reveals 2 months in a row.... time. to. take. a. break. At this rate, I think the prediction for "12 reveals for the moth of 12" might come true...

    I'm going to try something new - self discipline - until Cruise...

    Anyhow, who's up for some quick reveals...?
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  2. I am here, a cup of tea ready...!!!
  3. First things first, an item that I encountered unexpectedly on the recent sale. I've seen this when it first came out and wanted it, romantic, feminine, versatile, and just something that goes with lots of what I would wear. So glad to run into this at over 60% off. :smile:
  4. Oooooh tea... now I want some... :P
  5. Okie doke... so I had to go up 1.5 size (it runs small) but in this size, it fit so perfectly length-wise and also in the toe area - surprisingly comfortable to walk around in due to the stable stacked heel, round toe design, and the t-strap. it would be great in summer with some ankle length pants or a nice skirt/dress. In the fall/winter time, it would look fantastic with beautiful stockings of all colors/kinds/prints.

    I am soooooo looking forward to wearing these with a Karl Lagerfeld tweed dress that I bought a few months ago, my Chanel Tweed jackets or the new Tweed handbag!!! so romantic... :love:
    So paris in rome (even though it's not from that collection I don't think?) :confused1: Maybe I was thinking these heels with the paris in rome stocking and jackets style. :P

    20160725_200936_1469492569681_resized.jpg 20160725_201442_1469492581298_resized.jpg
  6. Photos of the dress, bag and jackets for reference of outfits I mentioned that I'm thinking to go with these lace heels (separately/not all together of course!) - can't wait!!!! :hbeat::yahoo:

    20160313_233301_resized (2).jpg Pink chevron Open front.jpg 20160626_174514_001.jpg 20160609_024534.jpg
  7. Wow, amazing shoes and on sale, these were meant for you! And I remember your other reveals, the jacket is the piece of the season imho! Enjoy!!
  8. Lovely! Whoa, I wonder what your "12 days of Christmas" will be like lol!
  9. Next... statement ear rings that would go nicely with formal dresses... super eye catching and blingy...

    20160717_183509_1469232328935_resized.jpg 2016-07-17 19.00.13_1469232383729_resized.jpg 20160717_185318_1469232312973_resized.jpg
  10. Thank you so much! I love those jackets.. the price points of the Chanel RTW do hurt though so I must be careful and don't think I can be as crazy as I went with the bags thus far... It's a good new direction of my obsession in order to instill a bit more discipline!!!!
  11. Hahaha I am so scared... perhaps at this rate I will run out of the ability to make that 12 reveals happen!!!! :P
  12. Finally, saw this classic brooch and just HOW? HOW does one resist? It's SO Chanel!!! It's like combining my love of Chanel custom jewelry, brooch, and BAG at the same time! :lol:

    Leather Chain style brooch. WHAT?!?!?! so necessary... :yes:

    Anyways, please ignore all the price tags all over me. I was trying to take a photo of the conquests that day and was trying to decide via looking at photo which color I should keep in those necklaces (gold/silver)? they came with matching earrings too...

    In case you're semi-interested...Finally decided on the gold one... it's much more elegant and pretty in a rose gold color with very sparkly crystals (which the photo below didn't do a great job showcasing due to poor lighting in my room/angle of photo taken). :smile:

    Thanks for joining me for this reveal... until next time!!!

    2016-07-22 17.12.14_1469232383401_resized.jpg
  13. Lovely! All the brooch reveals are amazing at the moment, as is yours. Enjoy!
  14. Oh how i love you reveal. You have such a fantastic taste. I love love love the shoes
  15. I love your reveals, you have such great taste! Lucky you getting those gorgeous shoes for 60% off. The earrings are TDF, as well as the classic brooch, and necklaces. I completely drool over the clothing, wish I had that jacket! :love: You are going to have so much fun with all your new Chanel loot! Oh, I almost forgot mention your amazing tweed bag. I absolutely love that too!