2nd to last Hayden Harnett clutch wallet in Cobalt in production!

  1. Guess who got it?


    Oh man, look at this beauty! It has tons of slit pockets, tons of compartments for bills/receipts/ is lined in that oh so luscious silk lining and is a beautiful, wonderful Cobalt blue. I hassled Hayden Harnett and Ben so much that Ben ended up doing a search for me and found one at Blueberie boutique in NYC where I bought the wallet, and the other one is in Singapore or something like that! And thats it! No more Hayden Harnett clutch wallets in Cobalt Blue with silk lining!

    Now,feast your eyes on this beauty!

    I know I should be posting in the HHH thread but this wallet is so special, it needs extra attention! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I love how the Cobalt blue POPS against the Saddle Lorca which I also just recently got, so so gorgeous!
  2. Really cool... The shade looks gorgeous against the saddle lorca.

    I am just about to pull the trigger on the lead wallet (last day to use luckybreaks3)!!!!!! I also wore my blush lorca for the first time today!!! (Did you enable me on that one too??). I wasn't sure about it at first - but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The blush is such a perfect California 'between seasons' shade... and isn't the shape of the lorca great??? It fits so much - without losing the 'run around little thing' look.

    Happy Day!
  3. Oh yeah! Ive been taking advantage of the luckybreaks3 code, especially since the code ends tomorrow!
  4. Stunning color, Congrat's. Is this color no longer made ?
  5. This color is still made, but not with the silk lining.
  6. Oh :sad: what is the lining now ?
  7. Lovely! :tup:
  8. I believe it is the HH logo lining...
    I was also fortunate enough to get one with the silk lining :smile:
  9. It's gorgeous GUNG! I am loving my HH clutch wallet in Plum with the silk lining (wave:smile:). It is so pretty that since I don't have an evening clutch (at the moment) I carried it last night to the opera. I was wearing a black wrap dress and boots and I think the little pop of plum worked well with it:yes:
  10. Ok, Now that I have a HH bag with the same closure, Question... do you think there is going to be an issue with the turny thing breaking ?
  11. I just got this wallet this week....I love it! I think the turn lock should be ok, seems pretty sturdy
  12. I have had my HH wallet for a year and a half now and use it every day. never had an issue with the turn lock in the least bit
  13. ^^ thank you both :biggrin: that is good to know.
  14. lovely wallet!:tup: congrats!!
  15. ive had the Plum wallet for a few months, the turnlock hasnt cause any probs, except that occasionally, it comes undone after being knocked around in my bag! no biggie though