2nd Tier Coach bags


Dec 12, 2006
Hi Everyone,

This is my first post and I would like to hear your comments. I found this site PurseItNow.com by searching on the web. They claim they get 2nd tier Coach bags that didn't pass Quality Assurance. I am afraid it's not legit. I emailed them as I wanted to know if the bags are authentic because they are selling it for a much lower amount than Coach Leather Goods. They said that their bags will have minor imperfections like:

* Loose Stitches
* Mis-aligned Creed with serial #
* Non aligned buckle snap
* Misprint on the stamp

Do you guys know about this site? Any input will be greatly appreciated. It doesn't sound legit...

Thanks everyone!

I don't know this site in particular, but there are dozens of sites out there like that. I've seen several myself and I know they have been discussed on some of the other sub-forums. They all use the same exact wording about "2nd tier" and minor imperfections. I wouldn't trust them.
Actually ladies... Anything irregular is generally damaged on site at the store- especially anything missing stitches and etc which is very rare. The only time i've opened an irregular bag and sent it to an outlet was because the belt on it was a little too tiny and it was a little squished but any returns and etc are damaged out.
I guarantee you that those sites sell fakes--anything that isn't perfect at Coach is deemed irregular, and they are sold at the Outlet that way.

yup, which is why you sometimes see a "current" bag at outlet, either it's been used and some dummy accepted the return...or there is something "irregular" about it but it's still functionable.

example would be when one of the hampton's hobo had the word coach written on the other side....

luckily our SAs are great and we caught that during shipment/floorset process.