2nd purchase WOC or CF

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  1. hello

    My first Chanel is a black mini Lamb, ghw

    Now I take my mind buying a pink or navy woc (caviar) or save money for a classic flap or reissue 2.55 in small or medium.
    What would you advise me? And why? I have 3 toddlers and the reissue Crossbody is a little bit bulky in my eyes. I am 5.1/5.2 petite and I know it’s very different. Woc is so small and less space, reissue or CF is more space but looks really good wearing over shoulder and not the best as a Crossbody. Kids stuff wouldn’t stuff in this

    Can’t buy both bags together but If I will buy the one first, the other one will come also to me but only end of the year or next year I think.
    Thank you
  2. What would you want to be carrying with you inside it?
  3. For the woc a lipstick, money. Phone (sometimes wearing in the jeans). Round coin purse. Keys maybe could keep in the car. Tissues.

    In a CF: plus sunglasses (sometimes), Cardholder, little wallet, a Pochette with medicine or /and lipsticks and EarPods.

    You See i NEED both bags Lol
  4. Delete ....
  5. LOL!!!
    Well, I have a few wocs and a mini
    In the WOC you wouldn’t need the coin purse as they have the zip pocket in the front which you could put your change into plus the built in card holders.
    In my woc I have the coins in the zip and the notes in the flap just in front of the zip pocket, cards in the slots, then I have my 8 plus phone in the main compartment, plus my keys, a lipstick. I’ve gotten away with having my LV card holder in there before or the mini o pouch if I’ve wanted to take those bits but they do take a lot of room.. it is deceiving though, I manage to squeeze my essentials and adore the WOCs
    You might struggle with the full pack of tissues but a few you could have for sure! I have also managed to slot my slim sunglasses in mine if positioned correctly but that’s if I don’t have the extra bits like the pouch or card holder in there
  6. Thank you for your detailed answer. Do you prefer the woc Over the Mini? A Chanel o case fit in the woc ?
    But your woc is very bulky with all the stuff? Do you have a pic maybe for me ?
  7. I’m working at the moment, but I’ll try to take some photos tonight of the different ways I’ve managed to pack one of them.

    The mini is still fairly new so it’s hard for me to choose, but I know that I love the WOCs and even though I love the mini, I know my wocs will still be in constant rotation also.
  8. Thank you. :smile:
  9. Ok, hope these help give you an idea for the WOC. I didn’t keep adding in the stuff photos apart from the first one but in all of them I had a few cards in the card slots of the woc, notes in the front slip pocket and coins in the zip part of the woc .
  10. This had the small Chanel o pouch, where I had my keys, a lipstick and a small hand cream, plus my iPhone 8 Plus (I used the case as my phone is in my hand), plus cards and cash. It bulges a little as you can see from the flap photo, but if it was something you needed to have with you it’s doable

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  11. Next up, again iPhone 8 Plus, LV pocket organiser with more cards inside, lipstick, keys, cards and cash. This fits a lot better with minimal bulging.

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  12. Next up, usual phone, cards and cash, plus the slim Chanel card holder, lipstick, keys and sunglasses in the cloth pouch. My sunglasses are very slim and fairly flat too, so they work perfectly in the WOC but if you had a bigger or more curved pair that might struggle.

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  13. This set is phone, cards, cash, keys, lipstick plus the small zippy coin purse. I’ve attached both how it would look without the sunglasses and with them added too. With it’s a squeeze and they need to be slotted down just right between the items inside, but I got it closed

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  14. I really hope they help!!
  15. I recall the chain is longer on WOC than on your mini.