2nd Pre-Birthday Present Reveal!! Join the Celebration!

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  1. Part 2 of pre-birthday celebration. Received the 16S Bright Blue Square mini w/SHW in lambskin for pre-birthday present #1. Who's in for the 2nd????!!!!

    My birthday is this weekend and my source is telling me that there is at least one more coming :Partyhat:

    Who's ready to join me???!!! SO Excited about this one!!!!

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  2. I'm here! Happy early birthday!
  3. Waiting to see!
  4. A little peak - guess who this is? :giggles:

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  5. Oh I'm so excited too! Happy Birthday!
  6. Thanks guys!
  7. Alright, no guesses? :smile:
  8. Here! Happy birthday!
  9. Chevron bright blue M/L CF?
  10. Can't wait to see! Happy birthday!!
  11. Hubby knows I love a perfect electric/bright blue. Such a versatile (matches everything) and yet undeniable pop of color, that like red, won't go "out of style".

    I wanted perfect blues in quilted classic, at either lambskin or caviar, square mini or M/L size, in Silver hardware (IMO a "must" for bright blue!!).

    The 16 cruise blue wasn't what I liked, and hubby knows that I was quite sad and disappointed (so close!)
    The first present was the quilted lambskin 16S bright blue square mini - it's a beautiful elegant bright blue that is not "electric" per se, but a very saturated bright blue.

    But I still crave the electric blue, and caviar...

    The best hubby (and SAs) in the world, collaborated to make me a happy happy Birthday Gal :yahoo:

    Presenting pre-birthday present #2: 16S Bright Blue Chevron Caviar with Silver Hardware in my favorite size M/L!!!! :party:

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  13. A few more photos from indoor lighting to show the color... *please excuse the dirty mirror... I cannot keep my kids' handprints from pulling off their toy guns' foam darts*

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  14. Totally not expecting to fool the experts on this forum. Bingo!!!
  15. Amazing...amazing bag & husband! It is stunning!!! Congratulations!!!! 💙✨💙✨💙✨💙✨💙