2nd pair on the 2nd day, forgive me

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  1. coudlnt help it LOL... got the cocau/vert model aswell!!!
  2. Nice...and ok -- 2 in one day, you need rehab. HA HA
  3. Nice. COngrats!! Rehab time.
  4. congrats! you're definitely displaying all the symptoms ;)
  5. thxs!!! B T W... rehab is for quitters lol
  6. I can't believe it!!! Got the cacao/vert today too art0fwar!!!:wtf: I'll post pics in a few minutes!
  7. I love the colour of that green!
  8. nice....
  9. Those are very nice! Congrats!
  10. Love the green!!
  11. thxs! everyone
  12. Congrats!! I love both color combos!
  13. Theyr so pretty!
  14. oooh congrats! can't wait to see what tomorow brings after all ... third time's a charm! LOL!
  15. 2 in 2 days! your doing good!! congrats!