2nd pair of Lanvin flats!

  1. Here's my fabulous new pair -- black suede with a velvet black bow. They are so comfy! I will only have to stretch them a little bit (usually I stretch just about every shoe I own). I have really wide feet so finding shoes that fit is challenging.

    I also purchased a satin pair and sent them back because they ran so small. Another pair was patent leather and those went back as well. If you've got wide feet like me, I'd suggest the plain leather (not patent) and suede Lanvins.

    They were a great deal -- originally $595 on Barneys.com and I got them on sale for $240. Unfortunately, there are none left on the site.

    Anyhow, here's a pic:

  2. I love these! I have the same pair except mine are blue-gray with a black bow. I wish the weather would get better so I can wear mine!
  3. Beautiful shoe! I have a wide foot also & had to go up a full size on the 2-tone (patent upper, leather bottom) ballet flat they had at Barneys - I love Lanvins! Congrats on your new shoes & a great sale! classic and so hip all in one - love them ;)
  4. So cute!
    Congrat for the beautiful shoes at a steal price Lori!

    I've been contemplating for a Lanvin for as long as they came out ..Can I please ask, when you said, the patent and satin run small, how small are they? A whole size small, or just 1/2 a size?
  5. I am dying to try Lanvin flats! Those are really cute with the big bow!
  6. They were extremely small on me. In fact, they ran smaller than any other shoe I have tried on! If you've got a wide foot, you will probably have to go up at least one whole size. It's crazy! But like I said, the regular leather and suede are more true to size.