2nd or more weddings.

  1. This is not about me, happily married to number one (for now:p)

    Do you think it is tacky to do the big wedding thing the 2nd time around?
    Also is there an age when you should stop wearing the big white dress?
  2. Hehe.. yup. But it's my personal opinion. My DH now is number three. Never did the white dress, it's not in my culture (my mother's culture) but this last time I was married in a traditional Navajo dress. Mostly because this time my mother was able and willing to attend, she gave me away in fact.

    I can understand a big wedding the second or third time, but not the white dress. It always seems to say "who is she kidding" especially when her four kids are in the bridal party. (Nothing wrong with that, but a pastel would seem more appropriate.) But the wedding itself... I mean, what if she or he is a widow? They deserve a nice wedding if they decide to marry again.

    As for age, I think no matter how old you are, if it's the first, it's fine.
  3. If it's both the bride and the groom's 2nd or 3rd wedding I personally don't think the huge wedding is necessary. But sometimes one person has been married multiple times and their spouse never has. In that case I think the person who has never been married deserves a nice wedding. IDK, I guess it doesn't really matter to me either way. To each his own :shrugs:
  4. Everyone should have the wedding they want. Especially the first time.
    JMO I think the big wedding thing is tacky for anything but the first & for anyone over 40.
    Depending on what the dress looks like. Ballerina dress, probably 25.
  5. I think if a gal wants to have a big wedding and wear a white dress the second time around, she should. If a white wedding dress is supposed to represent virginity (and I think it is), I guess alot of first-timers should be looking at an alternative. Being happy is what counts.:smile:
  6. to each his own I say. this gives me an idea for a new thread....
  7. I just think it's a personal decision. I wouldn't spend the money on a big wedding (or probably any wedding) even the first time around, but if you want to do it the first, second, third, whatever, it's your day.
  8. I can't help thinking about Lauri from The Housewives of the OC when I think about extravagant third weddings. Hers was beautiful and she and George seemed ecstatic. Their point, though, was to have a wonderful party for their guests. So I guess if that is the intent it's a great.

    Personally, though, I went to a close friend's second wedding and it seemed contrived to me. It felt as if the bride and groom (who BTW have three teenage children from their previous marriages) were pretending to be young lovers. The occasion didn't seem to fit the reality if that makes any sense.
  9. ITA, what should it matter :shrugs: .

    Personally, I am not that into big, expensive weddings anyway, save your money for a house or kids education...but to each his own.

    I eloped for my first wedding (was very young), so for my second wedding and DH's first both sets of parents wanted a big wedding. We were saving for our house, so we wanted small and inexpensive. We compromise, by making it big, but still nice and on a budget.
  10. Personally I think the bride and groom should do what they want, since they are paying for it and if guest have a problem with it then they dont have to go. My first wedding I was very young, right out of college, and my parents threw me a lavish fairy tale wedding, big poofy princess dress and all. The marriage failed in the first year. I met my current dh shortly after, and we married 2 years later. My dh had never been married, and I really wanted a pretty wedidng with him, as I knew he was my soul mate this time. We were married in a church, but did a few things different ly since it was my 2nd wedding. I wore a gown, though it was taupe, not white. I did not have a bridal party - my closest girlfriends had been in my 1st wedding, I was NOT about to ask them to go all through that expense and time again. My SIL to be was my MOH, and my dh's best girl friend was a bridesmaid. That was that - it turned out pretty, and the majority of the people attending never even knew it was my seconds wedding, they probably still dont know - I didnt invite many of the people that went to the 1st wedding. Didn't need to think about the perceptions they would have.
  11. I think a small modest simple 2nd wedding is okay. If the couple is already living together, bleh...skip the wedding. It's really annoying to get invited to those type of weddings since they're already "playing house". Just seems sort of phony to me.
  12. I think the size of the wedding comes down to individual circumstances so much it's impossible to generalise ... the one thing I would generalise about is wearing a white wedding meringue frock. Someone I know married for the second time in a white meringue at nearly 38, and it wasn't a good look. Best left to younger women.
  13. I think that whatever works for the couple is fine. If they want a big party the second time around and can afford it, then go for it. Whatever makes people happy. :heart:
  14. I didn't have a big wedding the first time, I think big weddings are silly. A waste of energy, money and time. If I ever get married again, it will not even be a church wedding like my first. Civil wedding is better for second timers.
  15. I had a lovely wedding for my second marriage. I wore an ivory gown and my husband wore formal morning attire. We were married by a minister, in an interfaith ceremony, at a victorian hotel. I think that you should do whatever suits you and your future husband. My first and second weddings were very different. My second was more meaningful in many ways. I don't think that there are any rights or wrongs, as long as it reflects who you are as a couple:smile: