2nd markdown?

  1. I wonder which dept store or if Chanel store does 2nd markdown on their clothing? Thanks!
  2. NM is doing some presell for second markdown, including chanel RTW...not sure if Saks is also doing it. I will be at the Saks BH on Wed and can update here if I find out.
  3. RTW stands for????
  4. ready to wear
  5. i was just at Saks the other day and they were doing it. the rtw was 60% off. there was alot of jackets on sale. nothing i could afford. but they were a good deal after the sale for 60%. did'nt get a chance to look at bags and jwerley.
  6. Wow 60% Off!!
  7. wow, which saks
  8. All saks...I totally scored a gorgeous Chanel gown (yes, full length!!) at 60% off at Saks BH. Will post pix when I get it back from alterations!!