2nd LV - which should I buy?


So - which one?

  1. Papillon DAMIER

  2. Papillon MONO CANVAS

  3. Jasmin EPI

  4. Pochette MC

  5. Pochette Graffiti

  6. Joséphine PM MINI MONO

  7. other - which one???

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  1. OMG, I couldn't be more undecided at the moment... :worried:
    I got my first LV as a present from my parents for finishing school - the Hudson ... I love it :love:
    I want to have a second Vuitton, but I can't decide which one. Papillon? Pochette? Which style? Which colour...? It makes me crazy :huh:

    F.e.: When I think, the Papillon in Mono Canvas would be a great purchase, my brains says: "You already have one in Mono Canvas, get a different style!"
    MC Pochette? Graffiti Pochette from eBay? Lovely, but maybe too small? Mini Mono Joséphine PM? EPI Jasmin?

    Other ideas, then the above???
  2. If you like the Papillon, how about one in Damier? I think they're so much hotter in this material. The black handles POP on it.
  3. I forgot to make a poll with all my ideas, now it's there :amuse:
  4. My vote is for an epi Jasmin. I like the Jasmin in mandarine. Since it seems that this color is being retired it just might be the best investment. I have one and I absolutely LOVE it!
  5. U gotta have the Mono Speedy gal! Monogram Classic lasts forever, will never go out of style! Durable and when its patina is even, it's priceless.

  6. I second this :love: It's a gorgeous bag, really! I saw someone carrying it the other day and I fell in love :love:
  7. i agree with the papillon in damier. it's functional, cute, and good for everyday use!
  8. i vote epi jasmine
  9. I have the damier papillon so I'm very bias here. Get the damier papillon! It's a grrrreat bag!
  10. You have quite a price range of items there. Personally, I like epi, so I would go with something in that line.
  11. Mono Speedy 30!! (or 35)
  12. Either Epi Speedy 30 or Epi Jasmin! =)
  13. Damier Papillion. I love this bag!
  14. Jasmin Epi!!
  15. Epi Speedy or Soufflot! If you really want a papillon, why not get one in all-leather? Epi is SO easy to care for, too.